Self-Acupressure for:

Emotional Healing

Anger & Rage Acupressure Points

Balancing Anger My healthy outlook about balanced anger is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology. Most people associate anger and rage with...

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Acupressure Wellness Formula

Acupressure Wellness Formula How to Start a Good DayI'm excited to teach you how to use these two Acupressure points to start your day in a better way. Many of my...

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Acupressure for Death & Dying

A Sacred Passage I want to introduce you to viewing death and dying in a positive light -- as a sacred passage into a peaceful, divine place. My father, who died at age...

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Acupressure for Addictions

Breaking your Habit -- Using 3 Resources I support you in moving away from old habits that work against you, so that you can live a better life. I encourage you get...

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