Detox & Decongestion
Acupressure Point (Lv 3)

Here’s a video demo to guide you in how to use the Acupressure detoxification point, Lv 3, called the Bigger Rushing point. It’s located on the top of your foot, in the valley or webbing between the large toe and second toe.

This powerful point activates and balances the Liver Meridian. It’s a major gateway for energy that flows up your body — the “ascending flow.” Lv 3 also relieves toxicity, frustration, irritability, neuromuscular disorders, and all kinds of allergic reactions, especially bloodshot, tired, or strained eyes. This Acupressure trigger point can decongest your whole system.

Man demonstrating Lv 3 acupressure point location

Use your opposite heel to press the Lv 3 Acupressure point on top of the other foot for pain relief and to detox your liver.

By using your heel you don’t have to reach for the Acupressure point. To stimulate it, you can shift your heel half an inch back and forth over the point.

To learn more about the pain relief qualities of Lv 3 see: Foot Pain Relief Points: Acupressure on Lv 3 & GB 41

Man demonstrating Lv 3 acupressure point location