Anger & Rage Acupressure Points

Anger is like fire.

Balancing Anger
My healthy outlook about balanced anger is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Transpersonal Psychology. Most people associate anger and rage with fire, which can get out of control and be destructive. However, when anger is balanced, it can be a motivating force that supports your determination and creativity.

I’m going to give you an easy Acupressure technique for balancing anger and the Fire Element within the body. This is useful in stress management, especially for someone whose anger gets out of hand or who tends to have bouts of rage.

In my video clip below, I end by making light of the Acupressure method that I’m demonstrating. However, it’s remarkable how effective this simple Acupressure technique is for calming rage. Read on below the video for more — first, the Acupressure Exercise for Balancing Anger, then a deeper look into anger, tips for balancing it, and another important Acupressure resource for you.

Acupressure Exercise for Balancing Anger

Both Treatment & Prevention
You can use this exercise in a moment of anger, frustration, or rage to help you change gears and release negative energy. You can also do the exercise to prevent annoyance and anger by practicing it on a regular basis, daily or a few times a day.

Start by sitting comfortably, and rest your hands in your lap. Use your left hand to firmly hold your right middle finger, then close your eyes and breathe deeply for one minute. Next, switch hands, and hold the length of your left middle finger firmly with your right hand. Take another minute with your eyes closed to breathe deeply and relax.

Pericardium Meridian Benefits
Holding the middle finger in this way stimulates Acupressure points on the Pericardium Meridian. This Meridian is associated with relieving excessive anger, resentment, high fever, and exhaustion. Traditionally, this is also used for emergency revival of a person.

A Deeper Look at Anger

Using emotional balancing points, such as holding the third finger, regulates your system and allows healing energy to flow when anger surfaces. This can help you experience anger with stability and spiritual awareness. When you are feeling secure, you are able to make constructive and empowering decisions. But when your anger is repressed or unexpressed, the result can be self-sabotage, passive-aggressive behaviors, physical pain, and the inability to enjoy equanimity.

Stored Anger
Unexpressed anger and rage becomes stored in the body. Anger commonly accumulates in the shoulders, neck, jaw, pelvis, and mid-to-upper back region. Anger can constrict the blood vessels to the digestive tract, which taxes the cardiovascular system. This can cause high blood pressure (hypertension), insomnia, and headaches. Holding Acupressure points in these areas can also help release anger and can enable you to process your emotions and experiences.

The spirit of anger can awaken courage and self-determination. Expressing anger in a healthy manner can provide renewed energy, insight, and courage that will culminate in emotional and spiritual balance. When an issue arises that angers you, such as human rights violations, anger can be used as a motivating force to speak up, take action, and initiate positive change. When anger is balanced, you can trust yourself to make wise choices and be more compassionate with yourself and others.


Tips for Balancing Anger

  • Drink some water when you feel angry. Take slow, deep breaths as you sip a glass of cool water.
  • Hold P6, the Inner Gate, located in the middle of the inside of the forearm, three finger widths from the wrist crease. Holding P6 relieves excessive anger, emotional holding of resentment, spiritual calming point, calms anxiety, nervousness, panic, phobia, and mood swings.
  • Hold P7, the Big Mound, in the middle of the inside of the wrist crease, is good for insomnia, wrist problems, overwhelm, repressed anger, pent-up anger and rage, prone to sadness or fear.
  • Firmly hold the length of your middle finger with your other hand, while you take slow, deep breaths. After a minute or two, switch hands and hold your other middle finger for another minute. Repeat this as needed when you’re upset or to prevent anger.
  • Wear pure rose oil, as it is deeply relaxing and balances anger, due to its association with love and beauty.

Further Resources

To learn more about how to balance anger, you’ll find Acupressure points and exercises, affirmations, dietary tips, and a complete Self-Care Routine for Balancing Anger in my book, Acupressure for Emotional Healing. This is a thoughtful, comprehensive guide that covers natural healing techniques and insights for many emotional challenges.

Here are some interesting thoughts on anger from the book:
“Anger can generate energy to initiate change. Your body produces the necessary ingredients for dealing with challenges and speaking your truth. Chemically, your body releases epinephrine and norepinephrine, the same hormones excreted when you are under extreme stress. Both of these hormones stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, accelerating the pulse and raising blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Releasing anger also brings out these hormones, which generates awareness to make healthier life choices and assert yourself in a positive way.”