Spiritual Acupressure Point (GV 20)

I love the spiritual aspects of using Acupressure points, which can open to wondrous depths of life and increased awareness. Gently touching another human being in this way is one of the greatest gifts I know.

Acupressure can help with emotional healing and also transform emotional pain into beautiful spiritual experiences. In addition, it can increase intimacy and deepen relationships.

For Spiritual Development: The Hundred Meeting Point (GV 20)

This powerful spiritual point, located on the crown of the head, in the center of the “soft spot” on an infant, can be used to bless a person and harmonize healing energy.

Since many meridian pathways cross near the top of your head, it’s called the Hundred Meeting point. I use this point to balance the body’s energy. Simply hold the point gently and breathe deeply. Continue for a few minutes, letting yourself deeply relax.

This point is especially effective for ending an Acupressure session. Holding GV 20 with the Third Eye point between the eyebrows, using light touch, can open a profound spiritual experience, beyond what words can say.

For Emotional Health Acupressure can affect the emotions. When blocked Acupressure points are gently held and the body’s energy opens, then thoughts, images, feelings, or memories can surface from past traumatic experiences. When it’s completely safe to explore this release of healing energy, a new inner awareness for spiritual guidance emerges. My book, Acupressure for Emotional Healing, has 400 illustrations showing how to cultivate spirituality and harmonize your emotions.

For Lovemaking Lightly holding GV 20 for a few minutes after an orgasm can balance the energy released, making the intimate exchange into a sacred act for healing each other. This focus was the basis of ancient Chinese Sexology practices. You can learn more about this in the article, Beyond the Mighty Orgasm. The Hundred Meeting Point (GV 20) transforms sexual energy into a deep spiritual experience. For more information on how to use these approaches yourself, see my book and DVD on Acupressure for Lovers.

For Mental Health: Pineal & Pituitary Acupressure Points
The Hundred Meeting Point connects with the pineal gland and balances the seventh chakra. Holding this point lightly with the Third Eye Point (GV 24.5), located between your eyebrows, until you get a gentle pulse, can help stabilize mental imbalances without using drugs. Holding these two spiritual Acupressure points for several minutes with long, slow, deep breaths, balances the relationship between the pituitary and pineal glands for mental health.

For Epileptic Seizures The Hundred Meeting Point is traditionally used to prevent and relieve epileptic seizures. GV 20 is also good for headaches, heatstroke, and for boosting morale.

Mental & Spiritual Awareness are two of the many Benefits of Acupressure. This is because Acupressure is a holistic method that integrates body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It works with the whole person. Learning more about Acupressure will enrich your life in so many ways!

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