Self-Care for Common Ailments

Acupressure Self-Care Techniques can relieve stress and counteract dozens of common complaints.

Self-Acupressure also allows us to age according to what’s natural, rather than being caught in an accelerated aging cycle.

As your Points release using these healing techniques, the flow of your body’s energy becomes more and more responsive, improving your circulation, and it gets easier to obtain results.

As an example this self-care video is a perfect introduction to empower you to relieve neck stiffness and tension.

Well-Being: Your success and happiness is directly connected to your health and well-being. If you’re in pain or don’t feel good, you’re more likely to be tired, lose focus at work, and feel more irritable, heavy, and sluggish. It can be hard to feel optimistic about the future when you’re so preoccupied with your daily pain, stress, and discomfort.

Self-Care for Common Ailments

Self-Care for Common Ailments

Self-Reliance from Self-Acupressure: When you’re dependent on doctors and medications to feel better, you’re not fully in charge of your own life. Knowing self-care techniques gives you more control over your own health and helps you feel more self-reliant. Once your body feels good, you can bring more productivity to your work and have more enthusiasm for everything in your life.

Side Effects:  If all you do to help yourself is rely on conventional medicine, it’s disappointing when medications don’t work, only give temporary relief, or cause undesirable side effects. When you can help yourself directly with Acupressure, you experience all the benefits without any harmful side effects.

Acupressure’s Self-Healing Techniques: Imagine if you could resolve most of the ailments you and your family experience daily, such as headaches, stress, digestive issues, allergies, minor aches and pains, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, and back pain. As you relieve your problems and improve your health, you’ll find that you can wake up every day feeling great and full of the vitality needed to overcome life’s challenges.

Acu-Yoga Self-Healing Techniques: Acu-Yoga is a self-healing system of exercises that integrates the knowledge of two ancient holistic methods of health maintenance, Acupressure and Yoga. Increased effectiveness results from combining these two complimentary practices of self-treatment.

Both systems relax muscular tension and balance the life forces of the body. Yoga does this through controlling the breath while holding the body in certain postures. Acupressure does this by directly balancing body energy through a system of easily accessible points and meridians.

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