Point K 27: For Stress Relief, Breathing,
The Throat & Thyroid Gland

Master Point K 27

A Vital Healing Point

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupressure point K 27 increases your ability to breathe deeply, which is key to releasing endorphins, the neuro-chemicals that relieve pain. It’s an especially effective point for relieving throat, chest, and back pain. K 27 is such a versatile, accessible point — it’s easy to reach and is effective for hundreds of complaints.

K 27, Elegant Mansion, is the Master Yu Point

The 12 Yu Points are located on your back, along the spine, and correspond to and benefit all of the internal organs. Thus, I have found the Yu Points to be the most effective Acupressure points for balancing the general functioning of the body.

When you open K 27, by holding it for a couple of minutes while breathing deeply, the benefits of using the spinal Yu points increase even further.

K 27 is the Kidney Meridian Exit Point

This is another reason why it has such a strong tonic effect for health and is able to relieve such a variety of symptoms.

Acupressure Self-Care with K 27

Point Location

To find the K 27 Acupressure points, place your fingertips below your collarbone, just to the side of your breastbone. Rub with firm pressure, feeling for an indentation and soreness. When you get the point, you will feel a connection with your throat or chest, especially when you deepen your breath.

Acupressure Instructions

You can use your right hand to press K 27 on the left side of your chest, with your left hand pressing K 27 on the right side. Or you can hold just one side at a time if you prefer. Another method is to use your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other, holding both sides at once.

Use enough pressure to connect with the tightness or soreness. Hold for 2 to 3 minutes, as you breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat 3 to 5 times daily for greater effectiveness.

Point Benefits

The Elegant Mansion points are good for pain relief, especially throat, chest, and back pain, and also for overall stress relief. They help relieve many respiratory symptoms, such as chest congestion, phlegm, coughing, throat spasms, sore throats, shallow or difficult breathing, and chest or throat tightness. They are helpful for emotional concerns, such as anxiety and agitation, and for hormonal issues, such as thyroid gland irregularities. The K 27 points also boost the immune system.

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