Acupressure Online Trainings & Courses

These certification programs, personally taught by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.,
make it easy for you to learn and use Acupressure. You’ll gain a deep
understanding for your personal and professional growth.

The Stress Relief and
Immune Boosting Formula

Learn how to stay healthy, release anxiety, relieve stress, and sleep better using Self-Acupressure practices.
To empower you with this healing knowledge, I created a 7-day online course teaching how to use the most potent points for daily self-treatment.
This inspiring, practical program demonstrates seven empowering Acupressure healing routines.
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Certified Training Circle

  • Learn the 12 Acupressure Meridians
  • Presents the Major Points on each Meridian
  • Traditional Chinese Pulse Reading & Applications
  • Meridian Formulas & Self-Healing Techniques
  • Discover 5-Element & Qigong healing practices
  • Demonstrations of Asian Bodywork Therapy
A monthly format, giving you one or two videos each week to continue to learn. You’ll have access to me via question & answer forums, and ongoing support.
I invite you to join this powerful ongoing training that applies Traditional Chinese Medicine in-depth with a hands-on approach to learn at home.
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Pain & Stress Solution

This 10-week self-care online training includes:
  • Digital Acupressure chart set
  • 60 videos (5 to 25 minutes) 12-hours of video instruction
  • Transcripts, Acupressure charts & more
  • 50 short step-by-step videos
  • How to relieve over 100 common ailments
Start this course whenever you want, at your own pace for up one year. You can download all the course materials during this year and keep them for life.
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Healing Meditations

Learn 15 fully guided meditations with Acupressure points to find peace of mind and enhance your journey to spiritual awakening.
The points open the flow of healing energy to greater enhance your meditation practice and experience.
Michael will guide you step by step how to use points, mudras and Acu-Yoga to prepare for meditation.
Each week, we’ll focus on different ways in which you can make a significant difference in your life.
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Mastery Program

Learn 60 major top points, their location, traditional indications of use and benefits.
Discover a Healing Energy System using these points to create ten Acupressure point formulas based on the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.
Relieve over 100 ailments using 50 videos which you can download and take your time to learn this remarkable knowledge at your own pace.
Be part of a Supportive Healing Network having a like-minded healing community to share experiences, ask questions, and get answers for support.
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