Michael Reed Gach presents:


Brain Power Points

7-Week Acupressure Training to Enhance your Brain’s Health, Improve Memory & Clear Negative Thought Patterns

I’m absolutely loving this course. The online video connection is like sharing the group energy of a classroom but without the commute, alarm clock and expenses. Michael, your loving presence and knowledgeable presentations shine through all of your teachings. I am so glad I enrolled.

I.V. Houten, British Columbia

A Special Invitation to Join Me

Dear Acupressure Friends, 

Do you want to learn how Acupressure can take care of your brain? 

I’m excited to teach an online 7-week course to support your brain’s health.

Each week, I’ll cover self-healing methods for your brain. This Acupressure knowledge will empower you to heighten your memory and concentration.

The Brain Power Points course covers:

Brain Points to balance the hemispheres of your brain
Mental Stress and Hormonal Acupressure Points
• Points to prevent Alzheimer & Dementia
Techniques to Awaken your Brain for greater alertness
• Brain Calming Points to counteract racing thoughts
• How to enhance your Spirituality

Learn more by scrolling through the program contents below. I invite you to join this powerful new training that is like no other in the world. 

I’d be grateful to have you in my community.

With Healing Wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Founder of the Acupressure.com website,
Author of the best-selling book,
Acupressure’s Potent Points

P.S.  You can try it completely risk-free for the first 20 days.
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“I am so loving this course! Michael, you have thought of everything to make this coherent and comprehensive to facilitate learning in depth and fullness. I took a leap of faith to take this course, and I’m so glad I followed my intuition and went for it. Thanks for making it possible!”

Morgan Bates

Care for your Brain

Using the Healing Power of Acupressure

Your brain’s health is vital for your well-being. Without regular care, it can over control your life with negative, toxic thoughts.

If your mind is out of control, you may be prone to worry, doubt, be prone to depression and have racing thoughts.

Now’s the time to reverse these stuck mental patterns. There are key points that can release these old mental blockages which bombard your life and instead benefit your brain.

Here’s What’s Inside the
Acupressure Brain Power Points Program

Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 1 - Brain Principles & Acupressure Points
  • The one point that can benefit all parts of your brain
  • Essential headache relief acupressure techniques
  • How to open healing energies into your brain
  • How the brain connects to the large intestines
Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 2 - Brain Balancing Points
  • How to use the Gates of the Mind acupressure points
  • How to balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain
  • How to fine tune your brain daily with a 10 minute routine
Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 3 - Brain Health, Mental Stress Hormonal Points
  • How to use Acupressure for your brain’s health
  • Guidance on using points to relieve mental stress
  • Learn how to use brain hormonal points
Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 4 - Improve Your Memory & Concentration
  • Specific acupressure points for Alzheimer & Dementia
  • Acupressure techniques to improve your memory
  • How to strengthen your concentration
Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 5 - Techniques to Awaken & Activate Your Brain
  • How to use Ear Points to benefit your brain
  • An Ear Massage formula to stimulate brain health
  • Ancient techniques to increase your brain’s alertness
Acupressure Brain Power Points Module 6 - Brain Calming & Rejuvenation Points
  • How to use Acupressure to counteract your racing thoughts
  • Learn specific point combinations to relax your mind
  • Discover the points on your feet that improve brain health
Brain Power Points Module 7: Brain Power Syndromes & Spirituality
  • Specific Acupressure points that help learning disorders
  • How to counteract ADD, ADHD, & Dyslexia
  • How to stimulate points to prevent Parkinson’s
  • Acupressure points for spirituality

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

Acupressure Brain Power Points Videos Representation

1. 7 Acupressure Training Sessions with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

These seven pre-recorded videos (20 to 30 minutes) are designed to give you additional clarity for how to use the most vital Acupressure points that benefit your brain.

Acupressure Brain Power Points- Q&A sessions

2. Q&A Sessions after each of the Instructional Video Classes

You’ll receive access to 7 weekly recorded Q&A sessions. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy the questions and answers from other students.

Acupressure Brain Power Points: Videos, Audios and Transcripts

3. Downloadable Videos, Audios and Transcripts

If you would prefer to read material that go with the videos, we have something for you. You’ll have access to all video transcripts so you can create a complete Acupressure Self-Care Digital Library, available at your fingertips anytime.

Acupressure Brain Power Points- Online Course

4. A Private Membership
Online Community

With this online course, you’ll become a part of an amazing support community so you can share experiences and ask questions about any of the videos presented in this program.
Acupressure Brain Power Points- Online Course

5. A Certificate that you can print and frame for your office

When you finish the course, you will receive a beautiful certificate that will prove to  your clients that you studied Brain Power Points.

You’ll also Receive these Bonuses

Memory & Concentration Booklet Cover

Bonus 1:

Memory & Concentration PDF

Five pages from a chapter in Michael’s best selling book, Acupressure’s Potent Points. You will find nine illustrated points and a seven step routine on how to boost your memory and concentration.
Less Stress Video Cover

Bonus 2:

Stress Less: Qigong Breathing

Discover an effective set of 8 breathing exercises that fortify your mind and body within 20-minute instructional video fully narrated by Michael. You’ll have permission to download this video so you can practice daily for brain health and clear thinking.
Acupressure Stress Relief Video Cover.

Bonus 3:

Acupressure Stress Relief for Easing Headaches, Shoulder,
and Neck Tension

Discover 10 Acupressure points to relieve everyday stresses. Learn an easy 20-minute self- healing routine which includes an extra 10-minute self-acupressure routine to deeply relax and rebalance your nervous system. (Downloadable)

Brain Power Points

7-Week Acupressure Training

Michael Reed Gach presents:

The Brain Power Points Program

7-Week Acupressure Training to Improve your Memory, Concentration and Clear Negative Thought Patterns

Acupressure Brain Power Points Full Offer Details.

Here’s what you’ll receive:


1. Seven 45-Minute Online Acupressure Trainings with Micheal Reed Gach. These seven pre-recorded videos are 20 to 30 minutes. (Over 5 hours of instruction) [Value $195]

2. Q&A Sessions after each of the Instructional Video Classes. You’ll receive access to 7 weekly pre-recorded Q&A sessions. [Value $45]

3. Downloadable Videos, Audios and Transcripts. You’ll have access to all video transcripts to create a complete Acupressure Self-Care Digital Library, available at your fingertips anytime. [Value $45]

4. A Private Member Community. You’ll be able to give and receive encouragement as you learn, explore and discover how to use the self-healing routines in this program.

5. Certificate of Completion. You can print and frame this certificate and hang it on your wall as a visible confirmation that you have learned how to use Acupressure to manage your brain.

You’ll also receive these Bonuses:

1. Bonus 1: Memory & Concentration PDF

2. Bonus 2: Stress Less: Qigong Breathing

3. Bonus 3: Acupressure Stress Relief for Easing Headaches, Shoulder & Neck Pain

TOTAL VALUE: $320.90



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My Personal 100% Guarantee

I’m so confident that the Brain Power Points program and online teachings will be such a valuable learning resource that I will personally support you to make this course a success.


Michael Reed Gach Ph.D.

What People are Saying…

Dr. Mohamed F. E. from Egypt

“Thanks for this awesome, easy, inspiring and very interesting online course. I have got many benefits of this course in my practical life and as an anesthetist.  One of my colleagues had a patient in recovery room, not fully conscious, not communicating and had a shallow breath. The doctor tried to arouse the patient with medicines and mechanical stimulation with no response. They called me to help, and I got the chance to use Acupressure as you taught me. I held the central facial point on the gums. All my colleagues and staff nurses were astonished from the rapid, prompt response of the patient. I’ll never forget this case. What happened is like magic. Within one minute the patient became fully conscious and communicated well with normal breathing. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for your empowering online course.”


Dr. Mohamed F. E. from Egypt

Angela R., MT

The delivery within your online video course is so healing in itself.  I appreciate your teachings to help us become more in tune with ourselves and with others in our healing practices. To be completely honest, this video touched me so much, that you brought tears of inspiration into my eyes. I love what I am learning. This is taking my massage practice and my personal life to a whole new level.  As I was on the road, thinking of how to keep your teachings in my life forever, two bald eagles circled in my sight as I exited the freeway towards my hometown.


Angela R., MT

John F., East Sussex, UK

I am very grateful for all the help you’ve given me in the Acupressure Self-Care course and in the ongoing Acupressure Training Circle. Through your help my life has improved considerably.  I no longer need to take pain killers nor even apply pain killing creams for my Arthritis. My lower back pain is a thing of the past and my digestion is much improved.


John F., East Sussex, UK

Kathy Prior

“In 2013 I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome (causes dry eye disease and fibromyalgia), arthritis, degenerative disc disease in my neck, among other ailments. In these months while taking your course I have had very little pain, If any at all and have learned to manage whatever is going on with me naturally. I’m sticking with you Micheal for the long haul. You and your Staff have helped me more than you know. You’re a true Blessing and I thank you with all of my heart!


Kathy Prior

Gina D.E., Health Practitioner
In all the years I have been in the holistic health field, and receiving your wonderful, highly information emails… I can honestly say you are a man of integrity and a true human who knows the true meaning of helping others.


Gina D.E., Health Practitioner

Ulrike Armstrong
Michael, you’re an amazing teacher, very inspiring. I still feel the energy-vibrations-love from your online videos and it’s been over a year since our course.


Ulrike Armstrong

Debbie Thrasher
“I have incorporated Acupressure into the work that I was already doing and there is such a flow of healing for my clients. I have been so inspired by this course and your amazing energy!


Debbie Thrasher

You’re one of the most amazing persons that I’ve ever had the privilege to study with. You’re a man that has such a beautiful spirit. I love your passion and humor in your approach to working with others. I never walk away from the times I spend with you via the internet without a smile in my heart. I so look forward to following you in the online classes to come.


Gloria Vaughn

“I have been your avid fan for more than a decade now, and still  counting.  I have used your Acupressure tips and have saved a lot of money by using the tips to heal myself, my family and my grandchildren and many friends and neighbors as well.  Please continue sharing your expertise with us.


Ana B.F., Caloocan City, Philippines

Your teaching methods are excellent. Each video goes deeper and puts everything into perspective. I just feel like you give everything you have into teaching us such valuable healing information and techniques. Wow I have just learned so much.  The teachings from this online course is becoming a new healthy way of life.


Jenny Wiberley

“I am a muscle conditioning trainer for 70-90 year olds. I have incorporated all that I have learned from you in my classes by showing them different Acupressure points. They love the fact that just by pressing and holding a point themselves can help them to destress and be happy!


Sue TH, from MA, MT

“Very informative – I am interested in teaching self-acupressure and this gave me a good foundation in clear and accessible words and demonstrations.


Jeanne M.N, El Cerrito, CA

This online Acupressure course was a wonderful experience; it was so easy to follow, as you demonstrated, the language was easy to follow. I’m feeling sad that the course is over now; it was interesting and I was looking forward to your webinar every month. All the points I tried on others got good results. One patient said “Oh it’s a miracle.” This gave me such satisfaction; what I learned was so worthwhile.


Neeta S., from India

I totally love Acupressure, you made it so easy to follow! I have used it on my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with amazing results. I have recommended your course to family and friends.  I think everyone should know how to do acupressure! Thank you so much for a great learning experience.


Lynda Deacon, Australia