The Ancient Healing Art of

uses the same points as Acupuncture, but applies finger pressure instead of needles. Through the power of touch, Acupressure Point Therapy relieves pain, stress, and common ailments for self-healing, healing others, and for radiant health.

Learn the Healing Points & Practical Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Hands-On Demonstrations

Receive 3 Free Illustrated Articles

Learn how to relieve shoulder and neck tension, headaches, anxiety, stress and pain.

Learn the Healing Points & Practical Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Hands-On Demonstrations

An ongoing online program covering 12 Meridians, their major points, formulas, 5 Elements, Qigong, and practical self-acupressure healing techniques. Join a global community of healers to learn, share, and grow.


4 Videos

Video 1: 
Acupressure Stress
& Anxiety Relief
Video 2:
Acupressure Meridian Points
Video 3:
Acupressure’s Top Questions
Video 4:
7 Principles of Acupressure

These programs, personally taught by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., make it easy for you to learn and use Acupressure. Your personal and professional growth will deepen. Discover details of Acupressure home study video programs leading to certification.

Mastery Program

Learn the top 60 points,
Use them in point combos
and point formulas

  • 35 Acupressure charts
  • Learn the top 60 major points
  • 50 videos – permission to download
  • Demos of Asian Bodywork
  • Learn to relieve 50 complaints
  • Points for Immune Boosting, Calming, Energy Balancing & Vitality Points
  • Approved for 28 CE hours
    NCBTMB #430548-00

Self-Healing Routines: A to Z

Self-Care Solution

Learn to Relieve
100 Common Ailments

  • 50 Online Instructional Videos
  • Stress & Pain Relief
  • Shoulders, Neck, Back & Legs
  • Digestive, Uro & Respiratory
  • Emotional, Energy & Immunity
  • Qigong Breathing Exercises for Longevity & Wellness
  • Approved for 18 CE hours
    NCBTMB #430548-0

Ongoing Instruction & Support

Training Circle

Learn 12 Meridians, 5 Elements, Qigong, Self-Care & Bodywork Skills

  • An ongoing monthly program
  • 12 Meridians + their major points
  • Covers Source, Lo & Yu Points
  • The 5 Elements & Qigong
  • Self-Acupressure Healing Techniques
  • Acupressure Bodywork Therapy Skills
  • TCM Assessment & Applications
  • Join a global community of healers to learn, share, and grow together

Acupressure Meditations

Fully Guided Self-Healing
4-Week Online Course

  • Personal Support & Advice from Michael Reed Gach via Acupressure Meditation Forums
  • No Set Class Times – Review the videos at your convenience as often as you like during the course.
  • Permission to Download All Course Materials and videos to have the rest of your life.

Immune Boosting Formula

A 7-Day Self-Care
Online Home Program

Heighten your Resistance
to Colds, Flus & Viruses

A Special Online Self-Healing Program to
Strengthen your Resistance to Illness, Release Fear
Dissolve Stress & Anxiety using Acupressure Points

These range from healing the body and balancing the emotions to clearing the mind and enhancing the spirit, for both preventive care and creating vibrant health.

Tension &
Stress Relief

Relieving Pain


For Common Ailments

Healing Emotions &

Sexual Healing,
Pleasure & Intimacy

Optimal Health &

Healing Injuries &
Back Problems

Beauty & Toning

Mental & Spiritual

By Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.



Listen to self-healing audio Acupressure programs that you can use anytime, anywhere



Fully illustrated Acupressure books that offer a wealth of healing info



Shorter, handy Acupressure booklets with an abundance of illustrations


Charts & Flashcards

Full color Meridian Point Charts.
Home study Point & Meridian Flashcards



Downloadable products in digital form to have in your computer forever



DVDs with clear demonstrations
to empower your healing



Equipment to help support you locating the points


Discount Packs

Extensive home study materials to download to your computer

Acupressure Basics

Using Healing Touch with No Drugs or Side Effects

Learn the principles and methods of Acupressure Therapy in three informative articles. Discover how the points work and how to use them effectively for preventive health care and common ailments.

Acupressure was developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. We now have the opportunity to use this ancient healing wisdom to improve the well-being of ourselves and others today.

Using Acupressure as a Healing Practitioner
Using Acupressure as a
Healing Practitioner
acupressure therapy
Learn to Heal Yourself with Acupressure
Learn to Heal Yourself
with Acupressure
learn acupressure
Study many aspects of Acupressure, from using self-treatment for relieving common complaints, immune boosting, stress and pain relief to enhancing sexual intimacy.
Michael is an international expert on Acupressure Therapy and founder of In his many videos, his warm and engaging style of teaching has helped thousands of people learn how to improve their health naturally.

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