Acupressure Wellness Formula

How to Start a Good Day
I’m excited to teach you how to use these two Acupressure points to start your day in a better way. Many of my students have had remarkable results using Acupressure first thing in the morning. I recommend practicing this easy routine on yourself while you’re still lying in bed, before you get up. This is how you can set your intentions for the day.

If you do this every day, you can treat each day as a new beginning. You can release bad habits by using these points to reset your focus daily.

You’ll feel happier, mentally clearer, and less stressed. My students have found that practicing this Acupressure routine in the morning aligns their energy for the rest of the day.

Use Acupressure Points Anytime
You can also hold these points at other times of the day, whenever you need greater clarity. It’s also beneficial to use them at bedtime, right when you’re going to sleep. It will help you relax and let go of the day.

Holding these Acupressure points works by balancing your energy system.
When you energy is balanced, your body can function properly.
Healing energy work can be that simple, yet profound.

The Crown of Acupressure
This point formula is essential for practicing Acupressure. It harmonizes the body’s vital energy by working on the Governing and Conception Vessels, the mother and father of all the meridian pathways.

Holding the following points will balance your hormones and the chakra centers of your brain, by balancing the pituitary and pineal glands. These points can bring more harmony and beauty into your life. They promote emotional and mental stability and clarity, and fine-tuning your healing energy.

You can also use them for insomnia, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, depression, stress, racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, and learning disorders.

More Practical Applications
I suggest you hold these points lightly, while breathing deeply, after the following experiences. This will harmonize, center, and ground all the energies that have been released.

  • After exercising or yoga, to balance your energy
  • After a massage or chiropractic treatment, to deepen the relaxation & alignment
  • After making love, to channel the energy released for healing each other
  • After meditation, to seal the healing energy and the great benefits of meditation

Final Balancing Steps
I also use this point formula to end all of my Acupressure treatments in a deeply healing way. I’ve given thousands of Acupressure treatments over the past 40+ years, and have consistently used this sequence to conclude the session. For ending an Acupressure treatment, this formula is called the Final Balancing Steps.

Acupressure Balancing Formula

 Touching the Acupressure Balancing Points

Touching the Acupressure Balancing Points


 Women holding GV20 with GV24 1. Hold GV20 with GV24.5
Place your right hand on the Hundred Meeting point (GV20, on the crown of your head, above the back of your ears). Put your left hand at the Third Eye point (GV24.5, between the eyebrows). Hold these points with a light touch, close your eyes, and breathe deeply for about two minutes.

 Women holding CV17 for Emotional Healing

Hold CV17 for Emotional Healing,
The Sea of Tranquility

2. Touch GV20 with CV17
Move your left hand down to the Sea of Tranquility (CV17, located at the center of the breastbone). Continue to breathe deeply for another minute or two.

3. Meditate on Breathing Deeply
Rest your hands in your lap, one over the other, with your palms facing up, allowing your eyes to be closed. Let your shoulders relax down and make your breath slow, even, and deep.

Clearing your Mind to have Positive Thoughts
These Acupressure points clear your mind, enabling you to think with more focus and positivity. They can be used by anyone at any age — children, seniors, and everyone in between — to increase focus and concentration, and even for meditation.

If you, a friend, or a relative wants to strengthen your mind and emotions, or has any of the difficulties mentioned here, practice this simple Acupressure routine 2 to 3 times daily for several weeks. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply while holding the points to discover the full benefits.

Gratitude Opens Acupressure Points
Please remember that the way you treat yourself and the thoughts you think make a huge difference. In addition to using these points often, train yourself to think positively. What you focus on, you attract in your life. Every good thought produces healing neuro-chemicals in your bloodstream. Be conscious of replacing negative thoughts with an attitude of gratitude.
For Further Point Formulas & Healing Affirmations
See the fully illustrated book, Acupressure for Emotional Healing, by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.