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Acu-Face Lift Beauty Workbook cover

Acupressure Face Lift (pdf)

The Bum Back Book: eBook (pdf) cover

The Bum Back Book (pdf)


Acupressure Pain Relief book cover

Acupressure Pain Relief (pdf)


Meridians, 5 Elements & Assessment Forms Booklet cover

Meridians, Five Elements and Assessment Forms (pdf)


Intermediate/Advanced Acupressure Booklet cover

Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure (pdf)


Basic Acupressure Booklet cover

Acupressure (pdf)


Acupressure Workbook Booklet cover

Workbook (pdf)


Wellness & Immune Boosting Acupressure Points Cover

Wellness & Immune Boosting Acupressure Points (pdf)


Introduction to Acupressure Booklet cover

to Acupressure (pdf)