Acupressure Basics
Fundamentals for Beginners

Learn the principles and methods of Acupressure Therapy in three informative articles.
Discover how the points work and how to use them effectively
for preventive health care and common ailments.

Acupressure Points

The Keys to this Powerful Healing Work

Acupressure’s effectiveness is due to energy blockages on the Acupressure Points. Discover the guidelines for practicing Acupressure: the setting, clothing and food. Learn how to find the points, how to hold and use them including the timing. Point names and reference numbers are also covered.

Acupressure Styles, Methods & Techniques

How to Apply Finger Pressure To the Acupressure Points

This article offers a detailed, comprehensive look at how to use Acupressure. Topics to be covered include basic Acupressure methods, Acupressure techniques, how much pressure to use, Acupressure Meridians, and how to use deep breathing to enhance Acupressure.

Acupressure Therapy — Advanced Instruction

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

More advanced Acupressure principles and therapeutic point applications are presented within these teachings. Discover how to select specific Acupressure points, how Acupressure Therapy uses trigger points, pressure point levels for energy balancing, point pulses, and ending an Acupressure session.