Acupressure Basics
Fundamentals for Beginners

Learn the principles and methods of Acupressure Therapy. Discover how the points work,
how to use them effectively for preventive health care, and relieve common ailments.

Acupressure Points

Chart of head acupressure points.

The Keys to Your Healing Work

Acupressure Points release energy blockages. Explore how to find the points, how to use them, point names and reference numbers. Discover settings, clothing and food for an effective Acupressure practice.

Acupressure Styles & Methods

Michael Reed Gach giving acupressure treatment.

Using Acupressure Point Techniques

Discover how to apply Acupressure methods and techniques for applying pressure, much pressure to use, meridian applications, and how to use deep breathing to increase Acupressure’s effectiveness.

Pressure Point Applications

Acupressure chart

How to Apply Pressure Most Skillfully

Pressure Points, also known as Acupressure Points, channel healing energy effectively due to their low electrical resistance on the surface of the skin. Discover how to use pressure points for healing and well-being.

Advanced Instruction

Michael Reed Gach giving acupressure treatment.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn advanced Acupressure principles and therapeutic applications. Discover Acupressure Therapy trigger points, pressure point levels, point pulses, traditional pulse reading and how to end an Acupressure session.