Longevity & Less Stiffness
Stretches + Dietary Tips

Daily Stretches for Health and Wellness
I’m going to teach you a series of easy-to-do daily stretches. Some of them also include Acupressure massage on specific points. Just follow along with my video — they are easy to do! These exercises are for increasing the quality of your life, relieving stiffness and muscular problems, and promoting longevity.

Here’s the stretching video with a number of exercises for you to try. I’ll show you important stretches that you can use every day to improve your wellness for a long, healthy life.

Do you know someone who is sluggish, tired or depressed? It may be the result of what they’re eating. What you eat can have a direct effect on how you feel, both physically and emotionally.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that common foods, various tastes, and even cooking methods affect our attitudes, emotions, sexual energy, and our overall health. Muscular stiffness is related to the condition of your Liver and Gall Bladder, which govern the digestion of fats and oils.

If you love to eat heavy, rich foods, such as ice cream, chips, fried foods, rich desserts, butter, and cream sauces, then you’re taxing these internal organs. This will make your body feel sluggish and stiff.

Dietary Balance
You can change your food choices for the better by eliminating those rich foods and eating more greens. Over a few months, you’ll change the chemistry within your body. You’ll be able to feel the difference.

Examples of greens, which contain chlorophyll, are Swiss chard, kale, romaine lettuce, and broccoli. You can enjoy them both fresh and lightly cooked. I have also found Turmeric to be a good herb for counteracting stiffness.

For more dietary information and discussions about nutrition and healthy eating, my book, Acupressure for Emotional Healing has three Acupressure Routines for different dietary issues.

Emotional Aspects
The Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians also govern control issues, making decisions, and judgmental attitudes. Do you know anyone who is stuck in one of these areas? If so, I bet they also suffer from stiffness, excessive seriousness, or heaviness. Doing the exercises in the video helps create both physical and emotional balance.

Stretch for Longevity
Stretch several times a day. Find a time that works for you during the day. This could be early morning, before lunch, or before bedtime. Then also use any spare moments to do as many of the exercises as you can. For example, a great time to stretch is while waiting in line.

Stretching once in awhile is not enough. Your body simply contracts too much both at night and during the day. If you sit at a desk all day, it’s vital to get up and stretch periodically. Stretching several times a day and eating more greens is transformational for someone who wants to maintain a good quality of life.

Combine Acupressure & Stretching
These two wellness methods are complementary. I have found that the Acupressure points open the healing energy to flow. This tones the muscles and makes stretching more effective and therapeutic.

As you age, your body tends to get more stiff, and tension can become chronic. It’s exciting to use Acupressure and stretching to increase your circulation and promote your overall wellness. Thus, continue to use the exercises in the video regularly.

Acu-Yoga Book
Acu-Yoga Video Series
My book, Acu-Yoga, provides many exercises and routines that combine Acupressure points and Yoga. You can improve your flexibility and your wellness with this powerful self-healing system. You can also take advantage of my Acu-Yoga Video Series, which has options for a variety of topics: Meridians, Flexibility, Stress, and Shoulder & Neck Relief.


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Practice these stretches and Acupressure points daily. Keep up your self-care!