Yoga Postures Stimulate Points for Self-Healing

Learn how to therapeutically apply Acu-Yoga postures and points as self-treatment for common complaints from A to Z

Classic Acupressure & Yoga Therapy Book showing which acupressure points and meridians are stimulated in yoga postures for self-healing.

Also included are special chapters on how Acu-Yoga exercises activate special points that correspond to the Chrakras and Meridians.

Acu Yoga book cover


This powerful, self-healing system utilizes yogic breathing techniques, mudras, meditations, and dietary considerations.

Acu-Yoga combines step-by-step yoga instruction with acupressure points to discharge harmful stress and toxins. Acu-Yoga can relieve lower back pain, chronic fatigue and recharge your body’s vital energy.

243 Pages; 200 photos; 125 Illustrations
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