What is Acu-Yoga?

Acu-Yoga PoseBringing Acupressure & Yoga Together

Acu-Yoga is a system of exercises that integrates two ancient holistic self-healing methods — Acupressure and Yoga. It’s based upon centuries of practice and research in Asia. Today, we can greatly benefit from their traditional healing wisdom.

Acupressure originated in China more than two thousand years ago, and then spread to other Asian countries. Even earlier, Yoga was developed in ancient India. Combining these holistic practices provides increased effectiveness. It makes sense to connect Yoga and Acupressure, because the Yoga postures naturally stimulate Acupressure points.

How Acu-Yoga Works

Both of these traditional approaches relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body. Yoga does this through controlling the breath while holding the body in certain postures. Acupressure does this by directly manipulating body energy through a system of points and meridians.

The Body’s Vital Life Energy
The pathways that the vital energy flows through are the meridians, and the points are places where you can tap into that energy. In Yogic terms, this vital life force is called prana. Acupressure uses the Chinese name Chi or Qi, or the Japanese term Ki.

When tension accumulates around the points, it blocks the energy from flowing properly. This creates an imbalance — an excess of energy in one area of the body and a deficiency in another.

Acu-Yoga PoseBalancing the Energy
The Acu-Yoga exercises release muscular tension and promote the flow of the life force – the Chi or prana – through the Acupressure meridians and the chakras. Each Acu-Yoga technique naturally presses and stretches certain nerves, muscles, and Acupressure points.

This releases tension in the points and awakens the meridians, so that the energy can flow freely. This process balances the body as a whole and also stimulates it to heal itself.

Acu-Yoga for Promoting Health

Acu-Yoga is a holistic method of health maintenance, not a form of medicine. Acu-Yoga attempts to prevent illness from occurring, rather than treating it. If you have an illness or disease, please seek medical attention from a qualified doctor.

Acu-Yoga does not claim to cure health problems. In fact, many times the points and poses may bring a symptom to a peak, as buried or repressed problems begin to surface. If you address these issues and continue your Acu-Yoga practice, your symptoms are likely to lessen.

Acu-Yoga Postures That Benefit Common Problems
Although a holistic or whole-body approach is especially valuable, Acu-Yoga can also be practiced beneficially with a focus on symptoms.

Each Acu-Yoga pose stimulates specific points, meridians, and parts of the body traditionally associated with various conditions. These self-healing techniques are based upon centuries of observation and practice in Asia.

Acu-Yoga PoseComplete Self-Healing

Acu-Yoga is a highly developed form of holistic health care. It deals with all aspects of life – the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – and their interactions with each other.

The Acu-Yoga exercises enable us to release the blocks that keep us from growing toward our own potential. Through them, you can free yourself to experience the wealth of creativity, aliveness, and freedom that is your birthright.

In addition, at the end of this article you’ll find links to five other articles. They cover how to use Acu-Yoga in specific ways, such as for pelvic or shoulder tension or with meditation.

Acu-Yoga enables you to do something for yourself, instead of relying on others for information about your condition.

The postures, breathing, and relaxation are a form of physical self-therapy. They are practical tools for enhancing your health. Acu-Yoga can easily be combined with any medical treatments you may need.

Acu-Yoga for Prevention & Well-Being

Addressing a symptom can be a good place to start. It provides a first step towards a greater awareness of your body and its imbalances. You’ll also learn that Acu-Yoga exercises can help prevent the health issues they’re associated with.

The symptoms we have are messages that our bodies send us. These signals indicate that there are underlying imbalances that we need to attend to.

As we develop greater awareness of our general condition, our symptoms, and our strengths and weaknesses, we can discover the original causes of imbalance. The symptom is only a starting point, a key or clue to what needs attention.

Through the practice of Acu-Yoga, you may realize what you need to change in your life in order to solve the root of the problem.

Importance of Deep Relaxation
Always follow your Acu-Yoga practice with 10 minutes of deep relaxation. Lie on your back, cover yourself with a blanket, and close your eyes. This will help you to keep warm and to enclose yourself, which allows you to focus on the circulation of energy.

Building Better Health
Through regular practice, Acu-Yoga can begin to improve your condition by releasing the tensions that cause or worsen it, and by balancing the body’s Chi energy. You will be in a gradual but powerful process of regaining your health.

Acu-Yoga Self-Healing Resources

The Acu-Yoga Video Series will teach you how to do Acu-Yoga. It has instructional programs for relieving Stress, enhancing Flexibility, promoting Shoulder & Neck Relief, and how to open the 12 Meridians. DVD, rental and downloads available.
The Acu-Yoga book gives you Acu-Yoga exercises for a wide variety of issues. These include back problems, headaches, insomnia, and many more. It utilizes postures, points, and breathing techniques, along with dietary recommendations.