Your Healing Element is EARTH

Your power from the Earth element comes from being in the present moment.

Your healing journey in life involves embracing your gratitude for who you are and everything that comes your way. This includes embracing day to day challenges that may be difficult. By accepting these tests in your life, you’ll grow tremendously and be able to further nurture yourself. This will bring harmony to the five elements within your body. Trusting your body’s awareness and living your life even more here and now on Earth can heal and strengthen you in so many ways.

When life’s chaos threatens to sweep you away,
remember to ground yourself firmly in the present moment.

As an earth element person, when you’re stressed, your tendency is to worry and get overwhelmed. Worry can make your stomach acidic and cause digestive imbalances and eating disorders including the tendency to overeat. There are earth element stomach points that counteract overeating, worry and overwhelm which harmonize your connection to the Earth.

Did you know that the attitude of gratitude balances worry. When you appreciate what’s going on, here on earth then there’s less of a tendency to worry. Don’t fret, for within you lies the capacity to find stability, moderation and balance.

You have a natural grounding presence within your body that you can call upon using Acupressure points. Holding a series of these points will ground your body and strengthen your connection to the Earth. Consciously touching your body can enable you to breathe deeper, be more present within, and connect you with the wisdom within your body.

Acupressure can be your ally, a faithful companion on your healing journey.

As an Earth element type, you may have a tendency to overeat and crave sweets. There are specific Acupressure points that ground and balance your body to counteract overeating and sugar cravings. You can see more about these points here:

By using the points that nurture your Earth element, you can balance these food cravings
and strengthen your connection with the Earth, where your food comes from.

The true sweetness of life comes from gratitude. When you focus on what you have to be grateful for, you’ll find a healthy sweetness in life that will dissolve your cravings. Daily exercise on Earth and Acupressure can harmonize your Earth element so you can discover a newfound self-awareness, making it easier to nurture your emotions.

Self-love, acceptance and appreciation are your healers.

Your natural empathy for others is a beautiful gift. However, you may find that it’s easy to loose yourself in helping others. Again, the Earth is your healing element to balance your self-compassion. When stress knocks on your door, remember that taking care of yourself allows you to be there for others more effectively.

You can use Acupressure on yourself and others to release tension and worries. Holding the points and breathing deeply opens and balances your healing energy; it brings your awareness into the center of your body where you can deeply embrace who you really are. This connects you with the purpose of your life and can fill you with deep gratitude.


The Acupressure Earth balancing points are inherently grounding
and can enhance your ability to trust the wisdom within your body
in the here and now. When you hold these earthy points,
while breathing deeply and focus on your gratitude, your life will blossom.

The journey towards balance and wellness may have its twists and turns, but with the Earth element as your guide, you have a powerful tool for healing yourself and others. Use the Acupressure Wellness Formula to start each day.

Remind yourself to be grateful for all that’s here for you on Earth.
Embrace your grounded nature, and let Acupressure be your ally
on this path of self-discovery and empowerment.


With healing wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. & Author of
Acupressure’s Potent Points book

P.S. I prepared a 5-minute Acupressure video presenting how to use a potent Earth element point.  Click below to watch the video.