Your Healing Element is EARTH

The Earth Element can support your personal growth and healing
when you have self-love, acceptance and appreciation in your life.


I made the following 5-minute video to help you strengthen and understand your Earth element.

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As an Earth Element Person:

Discovering how to trust your body’s awareness in the present moment, can strengthen your Earth element. When you’re stressed, your tendency is to worry and get overwhelmed. Stress and worry can cause blockages within your stomach. Worry can make your stomach acidic and cause digestive imbalances and eating disorders. Fortunately, there are earth element stomach points that benefit digestive imbalances and can harmonize your body’s connection with the Earth.


To balance your Earth element, use this Acupressure Wellness Formula as a guide.

When you appreciate what’s going on in life, you’ll find that you worry less. Don’t fret, for within you lies the capacity to find stability, moderation and balance. When life’s chaos threatens to sweep you away, stay conscious of what’s going on in the present moment.

Simply put — an attitude of gratitude can counteract worry.

You can use Acupressure on yourself and others to release tension and worries. Holding the points and breathing deeply opens and balances your healing energy; it brings your awareness into the center of your body where you can fully embrace who you really are. This deep gratitude can connect you with a positive self-image and a healthy purpose in your life.

Earth balancing points enhance your ability be in the here and now so you can trust the wisdom within your body. By breathing deeply, holding these earthy points, focus on your gratitude to enable your whole life to blossom.


Remind yourself to be grateful for all that’s here for you on Earth.

Daily exercise can harmonize your Earth element by fortifying the muscles of your body. As an Earth element type, your personal power comes from your body awareness and your ability to trust yourself. However, you may have a tendency to worry, doubt yourself, regret things, get upset, overeat and crave sweets. Fortunately, there are specific Acupressure points that balance your body to counteract overeating and sugar cravings.

Worry blocks you from being in the present moment and creates sweet cravings. The true sweetness of life comes from an attitude of gratitude, appreciating what you have and who you are. When you focus on your gratitude, you’ll find a healthy sweetness in life that will satisfy most of your cravings.
Your health involves how you deal with various experiences in your life. This includes embracing day to day challenges that may be difficult. The journey towards balance and wellness may have its twists and turns. Accepting these hard tests and learning from them can heighten your personal growth.

The Earth is your healing element for balancing stress and strengthening your digestive and immune systems so you can be capable of helping and healing others. Your natural empathy for others is a beautiful gift. However, you may find that it’s easy to loose yourself in the process of giving to others

Acupressure on a series of Earth points can reinforce your connection to the Earth. Consciously touching your body’s points can enable you to breathe deeper, be more present with what’s happening, and connect with your body’s wisdom.

Acupressure can be your faithful companion on your healing journey.

Embrace your earthy nature, and let Acupressure be your ally
on this path of self-discovery and empowerment.


Sending you warmth, tremendous joy, and vibrant health.

With healing wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. & Author of
Acupressure’s Potent Points book