For Back, Knee & Ankle Pain from Injuries: Acupressure & Ice

Relieving Knee, Ankle, and Lower Back Pain and Injuries When I have back pain, it’s usually caused by strain and injury due to lifting. This often results in pain hours later, from inflammation.

In addition to using Acupressure points in the painful area, as well as above and below it, I apply ice packs every two hours, for about 15 minutes each time, to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Holistic Medical Advice I rarely see my Western medical doctor, but he told me something valuable that works therapeutically with Acupressure. I’m happy to share it with you now. As a preventive medical care physician, he taught me that icing your knee or lower back for 30 nights, before going to bed, can be remarkably healing. This also works for injuries and pain in your ankles, including sprained or strained ankles.

How to Use Ice and Acupressure on an Injury Simply ice the area for 15 to 20 minutes before you go to sleep, 30 nights in a row. At the same time, give yourself gentle Acupressure, holding points for 5 to 10 minutes. This will increase the energy flow and is especially healing.

How Ice Works for Healing  When you’re asleep, your body weight is supported, and thus there’s no pressure on your knee, spine, or ankle. As ice reduces the inflammation, blood and energy can freely flow to heal your injury during the time you’re asleep.

Using Acupressure for Pain & Injuries To learn about which Acupressure points to use, look into the informative Resources A to Z section. The many categories include Feet & Ankles and Pain Relief.

Back & Knee Pain are some of the most common health complaints. Four out of five people have had severe back or knee pain at least once in their lives. Thus, I hope you’ll share this practical tip — of using Acupressure and ice before going to bed — with anyone you know who has sciatica, lower back pain, hip, ankle, or knee pain.

To Learn More Acupressure for Pain Relief

For back problems, check out The Bum Back eBook, which has many methods for natural healing of back, shoulder and neck, and sciatic pain.

Acupressure Pain Relief is a comprehensive, fully illustrated self-care guide for pain anywhere in the body. It’s available both as a printed book and also as an eBook.

You can also listen to the Release Back Pain audio, available both as an mp3 download and as a CD.

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