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Acupressure Point Therapy Relieves Pain, Stress & Common Ailments
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Learn Practical Methods & Healing Points of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Hands-On Demonstrations

Acupressure Training Circle

An ongoing online program covering 12 Meridians, their major points, formulas, 5 Elements, Qigong, and practical self-acupressure healing techniques. Join a global community of healers to learn, share, and grow.

Teaches: Source Points, Lo Points, Yu Points
100s of Self-Acupressure Healing Techniques
Acupressure Bodywork Therapy Skills
TCM Assessment & Applications

These range from healing the body and balancing the emotions to clearing the mind and enhancing the spirit, for both preventive care and creating vibrant health.

Tension &
Stress Relief

Acupressure releases tension from the stresses of everyday life and creates relaxation, harmony, and balance.

Relieving Pain

Acupressure reduces aches and pain by releasing neuro-chemicals called endorphins.


For Common Ailments

Acupressure Self-Care Techniques can relieve stress and counteract dozens of common complaints.

Healing Emotions &

Sexual Healing,
Pleasure & Intimacy

Optimal Health &

Healing Injuries &
Back Problems

Beauty & Toning

Spiritual Awareness &
Mental Clarity

Learn Acupressure

Acupressure for Beginners

Chart of head acupressure points.

The Keys to Your Healing Work

Acupressure Points release energy blockages. Explore how to find the points, how to use them, point names and reference numbers. Discover settings, clothing and food for an effective Acupressure practice.

This article will give Acupressure beginners a good understanding of what Acupressure Points are from many perspectives, including how they are used, how to find them, and how to press the Points. You’ll also find information about Acupressure Point names and reference numbers and Acupressure guidelines that help you know how to begin learning Acupressure therapy.

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Advanced Acupressure

Michael Reed Gach giving acupressure treatment.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Learn advanced Acupressure principles and therapeutic applications. Discover Acupressure Therapy trigger points, pressure point levels, point pulses, traditional pulse reading and how to end an Acupressure session.

A skilled professional Acupressure Practitioner knows how to use many advanced Acupressure Point formulas as tools to apply both for self-care and for helping their clients. As an advanced practitioner using Acupressure Therapy, you know that it is an ancient, sophisticated, and subtle healing art. You realize that you can study advanced Acupressure for years and still keep learning more.

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Acupressure Styles & Methods

Michael Reed Gach giving acupressure treatment.

Using Acupressure Point Techniques

Discover how to apply Acupressure methods and techniques for applying pressure, much pressure to use, meridian applications, and how to use deep breathing to increase Acupressure’s effectiveness.

Pressure Point Applications

Acupressure chart

How to Apply Pressure Most Skillfully

Pressure Points, also known as Acupressure Points, channel healing energy effectively due to their low electrical resistance on the surface of the skin. Discover how to use pressure points for healing and well-being.

Explore many Self-Acupressure topics with video routines and healing techniques. You’ll learn how to relieve common ailments and create optimal health by using the button below.

Michael Reed Gach Ph.D. Presents:

Immune Boosting Formula

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A Special 7-Day Online Self-Care Program to Strengthen your Resistance to Illness, Release Fear and Dissolve Stress & Anxiety using Acupressure Points

Acupressure for Healing Others
acupressure therapy
Self-Acupressure Healing
learn acupressure
Study many aspects of Acupressure, from using self-treatment for relieving common complaints, immune boosting, stress and pain relief to enhancing sexual intimacy.
Woman practicing self acupressure.

Acupressure for
Headaches & Migraines

Most headaches are caused primarily by tension, which constricts the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain. A headache is the body’s warning signal that the brain may not be getting enough oxygen. Too often, we choose to repress the warning signals of a headache by taking aspirin or another pain reliever, instead of dealing with the stress and the real cause. This article contains a Self-Healing Acupressure Routine for Headaches, and other healing resources.

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Acupressure for Emotional Healing book cover

Acupressure for
Emotional Healing

Traumatic events and painful experiences cause the body to shut down and trap negative feelings. This can result in physical ailments and emotional imbalances. Self-Acupressure releases the muscular tension from traumatic experiences and restores the flow of vital energy, making resolution possible. You’ll find many Acupressure points and applications for specific issues, such as Emotional Numbness, Calming Anxiety, Depression & Grief, and Overwhelm & Worry.

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Woman sneezing

Acupressure Points
for Colds & Flu

Acupressure strengthens the immune system and can help you ward off colds and flus. Many of the immune boosting points can strengthen your over wellbeing so stimulating them both for preventing a cold and even when you catch a cold can make you feel better. Using these Acupressure points can enable your internal organ to function at optimal levels and uplift your body’s ability to cope with colds and flus as Acupressure stimulates your body to expel the virus more quickly.

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