Stress Relief Points for Shoulder & Neck Tension

Acupressure points are especially effective for managing stress. They’re also effective for dealing with common health problems that get worse under stress.

I have used Acupressure for almost 50 years now. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people relieve muscular tension in their shoulders and neck and improve many other stress-related disorders.

Watch this video above to learn potent stress-relief Acupressure points for releasing shoulder tension and neck pain. This will help you counteract your stress. Below the video are complete, illustrated directions that include an additional point for you to know. It’s empowering to use these healing techniques to help yourself feel better!

 Neck Tension image Chronic Shoulder & Neck Tension

The common, everyday stresses of modern life can cause poor circulation and neuro-muscular problems. I’ve found the following Acupressure points to be extremely effective for relieving hundreds of stress-related health problems and imbalances.

Acupressure Directions

 Shoulder tension imageHow to Hold the Following Acupressure Points
Start with a lighter finger pressure. Then gradually go into the points with firm pressure, and hold the points for 2 to 3 minutes. End by releasing the pressure gradually. As you hold the points, be sure to take long, slow, deep breaths. Use these instructions for all of the points below.

You can repeat this sequence several times during the day. This can release both chronic and acute tensions in the shoulder and neck area.

GB 21 is known as the Shoulder Well point. It’s on the top of the shoulders, two finger-widths out from the base of your neck. This stress-relief Acupressure point is where you have the most tension in your trapezius, the muscles on the top of your shoulders.

I find it easiest to use my opposite hand to press this point. For example, use your right hand to hold the point on your left shoulder. First feel for the tension on the top of your shoulders by firmly rubbing to feel for the tightest spot. Then curve your fingers and relax your arm down, to hook the weight of your arm into this stress-relief point.

 Point on a neck

Special Neck Pain Points:
B 10, GB 20, GV 16

B 10 is called the Heavenly Pillar point. It’s located on the back of your upper neck, one thumb-width down from your skull and one thumb-width out from the center of your spine. This Acupressure point is good for hormonal balance, since it benefits the thyroid gland.

You can hold one side at a time, with the opposite hand. Or you can press both sides at the same time — hold the right point with the right hand and the left point with the left hand. Hook your fingers into the points and let your elbows relax down.

GB 20 is known as the Gates of Consciousness point. It’s found in the hollows underneath the base of your skull, about 3 to 4 inches apart. This great Acupressure point further releases shoulder pain, neck stiffness, and tension headaches. Tilt your head back a bit, and use your thumbs on both sides, pressing slightly inward and upward.

GV 16, the Wind Mansion point, is located in the center of the base of the skull, in a large hollow called the medulla. This point is good for relieving neck pain and calms the central nervous system.

Going Further: If you learn better from a visually-oriented demonstration or enjoy using audio, I recommend:

You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to be able to counteract your stress and live a better life – there’s nothing more important.

Going Further: If you learn better from a visually oriented demonstration or using audio, I recommend:

You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to be able to counteract your stress and live a better life – there’s nothing more important.