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Acu-Face Lift
This 32-page Instructional Booklet includes:
  • How Acupressure works to lift the facial wrinkles
  • 40 Acupressure points to increase beauty and create better health
  • 10 Facial Exercises and self-acupressure to restore facial vibrancy
  • Techniques for preventing a double chin, jaw problems, sinus relief, acne relief, and TMJ
  • 20 photos plus 5 line drawings of acupressure beauty points
Item EB-104
$11.95  Item B104 Buy Paper Booklet $12.95
Wellness & Immune Boosting Points
Discover how to find and use eight immune boosting acupressure points. Contains illustrations showing how to use these points for yourself and others.

Each wellness acupressure point fortifies your body's vital systems: the lymph, digestive, eliminatory, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and endocrine systems.

For each point, you'll obtain a list of extraordinary benefits for enhancing your wellness.

Note: This material was previously in the
Greater Energy Chart and the Chart Pack.
Item EB-121 $9.95    
Acupressure Workbook
This 30 page booklet presents:
  • The location of 30 potent acupressure points
  • 45 clear anatomical line drawings
  • Illustrations for you to draw each of the meridians
  • Space to write in source points, alarm points, and yu points
  • Each of the 12 meridians with space to write in the most important points for each meridian
Item EB-105
$7.95  Item B105 Buy Paper Booklet $8.95
Basic Acupressure Booklet
An Acupressure Point Treatment Guide
  • Introducing Acupressure Energy Balancing
  • Acupressure Point Location for 30 points
  • Extraordinary Channels & Points
  • Master Points & Anchor Point
  • Quick Acupressure Formulas & Uses
  • Face Reading & Basic Pulse Reading
  • Acupressure Treatment Preparation
  • Special Acupressure Recipes
Contains 45 points in 36 drawings; 72-page booklet
Item EB-108
$9.95  Item B108 Buy Paper Booklet $11.95
Intermediate / Advanced Acupressure
30-page booklet presenting:
  • 12 Meridian illustrations with its major points
    • Traditional meridian uses and functions
  • Meridian Body clock 24-hour energy cycle
    • Seasons, emotions, body fluids, smells, tastes
  • Special Points illustrated:
    • Yu Points, Alarm Points & Source Points
    • Presents the Entry & Exit Points
  • Five Element cycles & pulse reading
20 charts with 38 line drawings; 56-page booklet
Item EB-110
$9.95  Item B110 Buy Paper Booklet $11.95
Meridians, Five Elements & Assessment Forms
A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Workbook containing:
  • 50 large anatomical line drawings of 12 meridians;
  • 5 Elements for making a TCM body assessment
  • Large, clear illustrations of the 12 meridians
  • Meridian 24-hour cycle; List of Meridian Officials
  • Bladder Meridian Associated Points
  • Meridian Pulse Positions; Reading Pulse Qualities
  • TCM Assessment Questions; Face Reading
  • Acupressure Treatment Forms & Procedures
  • Alarm Points; List of Counter Indications
  • 5 Element Pulse Assessment & Correspondences
Item EB-114
$7.95  Item B114 Buy Paper Booklet $8.95
Introduction to Acupressure
This 24-page Instructional Booklet presents:
  • How to practice Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Qi Gong.
  • 12 important acupressure points, their location and benefits
  • 70 line drawings of Asian Bodywork Techniques (ABT)
  • Self-healing techniques: Qi Gong Breathing Exercises and Do-In.
  • Jin Shin Acupressure points, formulas for balancing healing energy.
Item EB-111
$5.95  Item B111 Buy Paper Booklet $7.95
Shiatsu Instruction Booklet
  • Over 50 Zen Shiatsu techniques
  • 55 professional line drawing illustrations
  • 5 sections for organizing your Shiatsu practice
  • Sitting Shiatsu, Side Shiatsu from head to toe
  • Back Shiatsu, the core of a Shiatsu treatment
  • Facial Shiatsu for reducing facial wrinkles
  • Over 10 Thai Massage Leg Stretches
16 pages with 54 illustrations
  $7.95   Item # B112 
Thai Massage Booklet
This 24-page Instructional Booklet (8 x 11") contains:
  • Step-by-step guidance for giving a traditional Thai Massage
  • Covers Sitting Thai, Side Thai, Supine and Prone Thai Massage Techniques
  • 85 illustrations with clear directions for practicing Thai Massage
  • 36 Thai Yoga bodywork stretches
  • Healing Thai Massage Prayer
24 pages, (8 x 11") with 88 illustrations
  $9.95   Item # B115 
Reflexology & Acupressure
This 16-page booklet (8 x 11") provides:
  • Step-by-step instructions for giving foot Reflexology massage
  • Hand reflexology, foot reflexology & ear reflexology charts and instruction
  • Acupressure points & meridian massage on the hands, feet, and ears
  • 42 illustrations of the reflexology points & massage techniques
  $7.95   Item # B109 
Dietary Therapy

This 32-page type written booklet introduces traditional Chinese Dietary Therapy, external herbal treatments, and common Chinese medicinal herbs. Traditional remedies for female problems, Urinary Disorders, Prostate, Rheumatism and Arthritis, and the natural medicinal properties of vegetables are presented. In this small 8 " x 5 " booklet, you'll find a traditional cold remedy, medicinal fruits and vegetables, the benefits and usages of medicinal foods, and the five tastes of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are covered.

Dietary Therapy Booklet

  $5.95   Item # B113 

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