Shiatsu Instruction

This 16 page booklet presents:

  • Over 50 Zen Shiatsu techniques
  • 55 professional line drawing illustrations
  • 5 sections for organizing your Shiatsu practice
  • Sitting Shiatsu, Side Shiatsu from head to toe
  • Back Shiatsu, the core of a Shiatsu treatment
  • Facial Shiatsu for reducing facial wrinkles
  • Over 10 Thai Massage Leg Stretches


This fully illustrated instructional booklet shows 50 traditional Shiatsu techniques. The booklet illustrates a holistic Shiatsu bodywork program, organized into 5 sections for working on people:

Sitting Shiatsu for relieving chronic shoulder and neck tension; a great way to start a Shiatsu Therapy session and can apply Shiatsu to working in the chair

Side Shiatsu good during pregnancy, after abdominal surgery, and for relieving side stitches, gas pains and general frustration

Back Shiatsu the core of a Shiatsu treatment; applies the four steps of Shiatsu for relieving chronic muscular tension. Learn to relieve lower back tension, sciatic pain, sexual disorders such as low sexual desire and prevent leg cramps

Facial Shiatsu for greater beauty, reducing facial wrinkles and relieve neck pain

Shiatsu and Thai Leg Stretches for relieving the lower back, pelvic pain, sciatica and stiff legs

16 pages with 54 illustrations