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Acupressure DVDs
Acupressure Stress Relief   Less Stress


For Easing Headaches
Shoulder & Neck Tension

Learn to relieve your stress in just 10 to 15 minutes in a chair using self-acupressure, gentle stretching & deep breathing. Discover 10 points to relieve stress that you can use anytime and anywhere. Learn an easy 20-minute self-healing routine for relieving headaches, neck pain and shoulder tension.

30 minutes

Acupressure & Qi Gong
Breathing Exercises

Boost your immune system and increase your vitality
. Learn an easy Qi Gong routine that you can use anytime and anywhere. Discover how to use three potent acupressure points on yourself to further strengthen your energy system. The health benefits are tremendous.

30 minutes

DVD $19.95   Item # D200   
DVD $19.95   Item # D201   
Acupressure for Lovers   Zen Shiatsu


A Guide to Sexual Intimacy
An instructional DVD for couples showing how to enhance your love relationship by stimulating 12 acupressure points for increasing sexual intimacy. Learn how to practice dynamic partner stretches on top of your bed as foreplay.

Experience a 20-minute full-body erotic routine with arousing embraces and kisses on the 12 acupressure points presented in the beginning of the program.

40 minutes

Learn how to give a complete Japanese Shiatsu massage treatment for structural integration and muscular tension relief.

Learn Shiatsu Therapy from Michael Reed Gach, as he demonstrates and explains how to give a complete Shiatsu treatment. This one hour DVD of Shiatsu instruction contains seven chapters: Zen Shiatsu Introduction, Sitting Shiatsu, Side Shiatsu, Back Shiatsu, Front & Facial Shiatsu, Leg Shiatsu Stretches, and a Shiatsu summary.

60 minutes

DVD $29.95   Item # D301   
DVD $29.95   Item # D101   
Acu-Yoga DVD   Touching Emotions


Discover Acu-Yoga; how Yoga postures stimulate Acupressure points for self-healing, energy balancing, spiritual development, and emotional healing. Increased effectiveness results from combining Acupressure Therapy with Yoga Therapy -- a natural self-treatment using deep relaxation to balance the vital life forces of the body.

Was $49.85 - Now $10 off

Learn how to use Acupressure Therapy for others to facilitate a highly charged emotional release.

Acupressure for emotional healing relaxes tension that accumulates from an emotional trauma, making resolution possible.

30 minute DVD

DVD $29.85   Item # D108   
DVD $19.95   Item # D117   
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