Acupressure for Lovers

A Guide to Increasing Sexual Intimacy

An instructional video for couples showing how to enhance your love relationship by stimulating 12 acupressure points for increasing sexual intimacy. Learn how to practice dynamic partner stretches on top of your bed as foreplay.

Experience a 20-minute full-body erotic routine with arousing embraces and kisses on the 12 acupressure points presented in the beginning of the program.

Cultivate sexual healing and intensify your pleasure. Explore the art of sacred touch to arouse and satisfy your partner using acupressure and a wide variety of intimacy-building exercises to stimulate the body’s vital points.

Partial nudity; not for minors.

3-day Rental: $4.95

Download: $14.95

DVD: $19.95

43 minutes

Acupressure for Lovers Video Cover