Your Healing Element is WATER

The water element connects and corresponds to:
your emotions, body fluids, fear, cold, night, winter, and conserving resources.


You have a deep, introspective nature like the depths of the ocean. Your journey to wellness involves embracing the harmony of the five elements, and the healing power of Water plays a vital role in achieving that balance.

Cold is the Water element’s health indicator. Your Water element is healthy if you love the cold of winter and it invigorates you. However, many people find that when they get cold, they get sick, especially during winter. Eating or drinking cold foods can bring too much cold inside the body and make a person susceptible to cold.


If you get chilled to the bone or traumatized with such fear
that makes you so cold that your teeth chatter, you can damage your Water element.

As a Water type, you may have experienced paralyzing fears that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Acupressure can support you emotionally and physically by working with points that balance and strengthen your Kidney and Bladder meridians.

By nurturing your Water element, you can find the courage to
face your fears, find support, and move forward with confidence.

When your body’s sensitivity makes you feel fragile and vulnerable at times, honor your emotional well-being and nurture your Water element. Acupressure techniques can assist you in grounding and strengthening your energy, providing your body with stability and resilience.

Cultivating your Water element heightens your endurance & inner strength.

If your body often feels tired and fatigued or you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, Acupressure can balance these conditions by opening the Bladder and Kidney meridians. You can improve the flow of energy within your body, restore vitality, and promote a restful sleep by releasing the Bladder and Kidney points.

By working with the Kidney and Bladder Meridian lower back points,
you can open blockages, tap your potential, and realize your deepest dreams.

If your lower back is the weak link within your body, it indicates a need to give your Water element attention and support. Acupressure can offer relief by focusing on specific points that alleviate tension and promote healing in the lower back. By addressing this area, you can strengthen your foundation and foster your overall well-being.

Embrace the fluidity and adaptability of Water
using Acupressure as your healing guide to self-discovery.

By working with the Kidney, Bladder, and lower back points, you can open blockages, tap your potential, and realize your deepest dreams.

Healing wishes on your journey to vibrant health,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. & Author of
Acupressure’s Potent Points book

P.S. I prepared a 7-minute Acupressure video presenting how to achieve Mind & Body Balance. Click below to watch this video.