The results from the Quiz show that

Your Healing Element is METAL

The metal element includes iron, ore, steal, gems, jewels and crystals.

I made the following video for you to understand how to use the Metal Element
in various aspects of your life and within your body. Click on the video screen below:

As a Metal element type, you have the ability to facilitate change and create clear communication. Your life’s journey to wellness involves a healthy connection with the air around you. The healing power of the Metal element plays a vital role with oxygen as a tool in achieving a balance with all five elements.


Your breath is your body’s gateway to healing all the elements.

Given that your major element is Metal/Air, you may tend to breathe shallowly. Most people naturally breathe faintly and thus the Metal Element is vital no matter what major element you identify with. By consciously deepening your breath, you can support the optimal functioning of your lungs and large intestine. Acupressure can be a valuable tool in this process, as you hold specific points while taking deep breaths, so the transformative energy of Metal can flow through you.


Real transformation can occur from releasing what no longer serves you. Within the body, your colon is responsible for eliminating waste materials so that your body doesn’t become toxic. As a Metal element person, your challenge in life is to tap into your core, gut level feelings and utilize your breath’s transformative healing power.


Breathing deeply and letting go may be a challenge for you.

Acupressure can support you in this process by working on specific Metal element points that release stagnant energy especially associated with grief. By letting go of your grief or expectations in your life and cultivating a mindset of openness, you can create space for new possibilities and experiences.


Breathe as deeply as you want to live.

Acupressure provides you with a framework of precise points and techniques to support your own emotional well-being and the healing of others. Your natural inclination to follow rules and clear procedures can make you feel at home with structure and order. This aspect of your personality can naturally support your life’s journey.

Your skin and your immune system protect your body which is governed by the Metal element and may present challenges in your life. You may have blockages in your Lung and your Large Intestine meridians which are linked with the strong, protective nature of your skin, immune system and the Metal element. Acupressure techniques for these organ meridians can benefit your immunity like bringing your body’s gears together, for balancing your energy and nourishing your skin to support its health.



Embrace the transformative power of Metal using Acupressure as your guide on this healing journey of self-discovery. By connecting with the wisdom of your body, you can unlock the full potential of utilizing the Metal element for healing yourself and others.

Wishing you clarity, transformation, and vibrant well-being on your life’s journey with the gems, jewels, metals and crystals as allies for your healing work and growth.

With many blessings,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. & Author of
Acupressure’s Potent Points book