Five Healing Elements

Below are descriptions to each of the five elements.


Your power from the Earth element comes from being in the present moment.

Your healing journey in life involves embracing your gratitude for who you are and everything that comes your way. This includes embracing day to day challenges that may be difficult. By accepting these tests in your life, you’ll grow tremendously and be able to further nurture yourself. This will bring harmony to the five elements within your body. Trusting your body’s awareness and living your life even more here and now on Earth can heal and strengthen you in so many ways.

When life’s chaos stresses you, remember to ground yourself firmly in the present moment.

As an earth element person, when you’re stressed, your tendency is to worry and get overwhelmed. Worry can make your stomach acidic and cause digestive imbalances and eating disorders including the tendency to overeat. There are earth element stomach points that counteract overeating, worry and overwhelm which harmonize your connection to the Earth.

Did you know that the attitude of gratitude balances worry. When you appreciate what’s going on, here on earth then there’s less of a tendency to worry. Don’t fret, for within you lies the capacity to find stability, moderation and balance.

You have a natural grounding presence within your body that you can call upon using Acupressure points. Holding a series of these points will ground your body and strengthen your connection to the Earth. Consciously touching your body can enable you to breathe deeper, be more present within, and connect you with the wisdom within your body.

Acupressure can be your ally, a faithful companion on your healing journey.

As an Earth element type, you may have a tendency to overeat and crave sweets. There are specific Acupressure points that ground and balance your body to counteract overeating and sugar cravings. You can see more about these points here: By using the points that nurture your Earth element, you can balance these food cravings and strengthen your connection with the Earth, where your food comes from.

The true sweetness of life comes from gratitude. When you focus on what you have to be grateful for, you’ll find a healthy sweetness in life that will dissolve your cravings. Daily exercise on Earth and Acupressure can harmonize your Earth element so you can discover a newfound self-awareness, making it easier to nurture your emotions.

Self-love, acceptance and appreciation are your healers.

Your natural empathy for others is a beautiful gift. However, you may find that it’s easy to loose yourself in helping others. Again, the Earth is your healing element to balance your self-compassion. When stress knocks on your door, remember that taking care of yourself allows you to be there for others more effectively.

You can use Acupressure on yourself and others to release tension and worries. Holding the points and breathing deeply opens and balances your healing energy; it brings your awareness into the center of your body where you can deeply embrace who you really are. This connects you with the purpose of your life and can fill you with deep gratitude.

The Acupressure Earth balancing points are inherently grounding and can enhance your ability to trust the wisdom within your body in the here and now. When you hold these earthy points, while breathing deeply and focus on your gratitude, your life will blossom.

The journey towards balance and wellness may have its twists and turns, but with the Earth element as your guide, you have a powerful tool for healing yourself and others.

Remind yourself to be grateful for all that’s here for you on Earth. Embrace your grounded nature, and let Acupressure be your ally on this path of self-discovery and empowerment.



As a Metal type of person, you have the ability to facilitate change and create clear communication. Your life’s journey to wellness involves a healthy connection with the air around you and all of the five elements. The healing power of the Metal element plays a vital role as a tool in achieving that balance.

As a Metal or Air Element person, you may tend to breathe shallowly. The breath is a gateway to healing, and by consciously deepening your breath, you can support the optimal functioning of your lungs and large intestine. Acupressure can be a valuable tool in this process, as you hold specific points while taking deep breaths, allowing the transformative energy of Metal to flow through you.

Your natural inclination to follow rules and clear procedures can make you feel at home with structure and order. This aspect of your personality can naturally support your life’s journey. Acupressure provides you with a framework of precise points and techniques to support your own emotional well-being and the healing of others.

Letting go may be a challenge for you as a Metal element type.

Instead of getting stuck, remember that true transformation often comes from releasing what no longer serves you. Within the body, your colon is responsible for eliminating waste materials so that your body doesn’t become toxic. As a Metal element person, your challenge in life is to tap into your core, gut level feelings and utilize your breath’s transformative healing power.

Breathe as deeply as you want to live.

Acupressure can support you in this process by working on deep breathing points that release stagnant energy especially associated with grief. By letting go of your grief or expectations in your life and cultivating a mindset of openness, you can create space for new possibilities and experiences.

Your skin is governed by the Metal element. As a Metal type, you may have skin conditions that present challenges in your life. Acupressure techniques can help promote circulation, balance energy, and nourish your skin, supporting its health and radiance.

Embrace the transformative power of Metal by letting Acupressure be your guide on this healing journey of self-discovery.

By connecting with the wisdom of your body and being resourceful in your approach, you can unlock the full potential of utilizing the Metal element for healing yourself and others.



You have a dynamic natural energy within you that seeks to grow and expand yourself throughout your life. Your journey to wellness involves keeping your spirt alive by living in harmony with the five elements. The healing power of Wood plays a big role in achieving this vital balance. 

Just like a tree, your growth is your healing element.

For your personal growth, cultivate your will to become the best you can be. Your motivation and growth is governed by the wood element. If it’s blocked, you are likely to feel sluggish, stiff, stuck or depressed. Daily stretching and eating green vegetables is good for your growth. Stiffness indicates that your wood element, which is nurtured by the Liver and Gall Bladder points and meridians, needs attention.

When you get stressed, use your will to breathe slowly and deeply to avoid the tendency of becoming defensive or irritable. Acupressure techniques can help you release stagnant energy during challenging times by releasing frustration, tension, and body stiffness.

Stretching a few times a day for flexibility benefits your Wood element.

Stretching also cultivates mental flexibility and an open mind. When your body is more flexible, it prevents sluggishness, headaches and rigid judgements in your mind. The Acupressure point formulas for opening the Liver and Gall Bladder can actually treat excessive judgements, anger, frustrations and irritability. By using Acupressure points to open your Wood element, you can release these negative attitudes and transform anger to enhance your personal growth.

If your Wood element gets blocked, you may find that you tend to be judgmental, either towards yourself or others. Remember that your healing journey involves cultivating self-compassion and embracing acceptance. Acupressure can support you in releasing and balancing judgments to find inner peace.

You can naturally make wise choices, plans, decisions and set your boundaries when your wood element is healthy.

However, wood oriented people commonly struggle with setting their limits and boundaries. Acupressure can support you in this aspect by working with specific points on the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians that open and balance the energy of your wood element. By releasing these blockages and allowing your energy pathways to flow freely, you can communicate in a rooted, empowering way, standing your ground and asserting yourself appropriately.

Your inspiration and vibrant spirit can fulfill your life’s potential.

As a Wood type, your natural inspiration and self-motivation comes from spiritual roots. Your spirit and aliveness is governed by your Liver which also nurtures your soul. When your Liver is healthy your eyes reflect clearly as the windows of your soul. Your Liver’s health naturally allows you to LIVE with more spirit.

Embrace the dynamic and resilient nature of Wood. Let Acupressure be your guide on this journey of growth and self-discovery. By working with your Liver and Gall Bladder meridians, you can unlock the full potential of your Wood element and experience the mental clarity needed to make wise decisions in your life.



You have a radiant energy that emanates joy and warmth. Your journey to wellness involves embracing the harmony of the five elements, and the healing power of Fire plays a vital role in achieving that balance.

Embrace the radiant & joyful nature of Fire as you breathe into your heart.

As a heart-centered, Fire element type, you have a natural ability to feel joy and express it easily. Your big heart governs your emotions. Nurturing yourself and others is essential for your well-being.

Your heart is surrounded and protected by the pericardium. Within Fire is also the Triple Warmer meridian which is the pericardium meridian’s partner. Acupressure can balance these Fire element meridians, using their points that open your blood circulation and the energy which flows into your heart and small intestine meridians.

Fire element governs your heart and circulation.

If you have poor circulation, Acupressure can assist in promoting healthy circulation by working with specific points that stimulate blood flow and balance the energy of your Fire element. By improving circulation, you can enhance your overall well-being.

By consciously breathing deeply into your heart, you can nurture a deep sense of joy and inner fulfillment.

Acupressure techniques can release your tension, confusion and anxiety, allowing you to approach challenging situations with greater ease and authenticity. You may have noticed that when you feel uneasy, you tend to laugh nervously. It’s important to honor your emotions and find healthy ways to address them. By nurturing your Fire element, you can navigate discomfort with grace and maintain a sense of joy even in the face of adversity.

Connecting spiritually from your heart is vital to your well-being as a Fire element type.

Your heart holds the spirit of your emotions. This precious aspect of yourself can be nurtured by holding specific Acupressure points on the meridians to heal your emotions. While holding these points you can breathe slowly and deeply to enhance your spiritual connection. Acupressure can heighten your spiritual journey by using points to release blockages which can support your emotional healing.

Your Fire element cultivates balance and harmony within, enabling you to radiate your inner light and love.

By nurturing your heart and connecting with your spiritual essence, you can fulfill a beautiful purpose within your life and bring love and playfulness to yourself and those around you. Let Acupressure be your guide in opening the depths of your heart in your journey of healing and self-discovery.



You have a deep, introspective nature like the depths of the ocean. Your journey to wellness involves embracing the harmony of the five elements, and the healing power of Water plays a vital role in achieving that balance.

Water corresponds to emotions, body fluids, fear, cold, night, winter, and conserving resources.

Cold is the Water element’s health indicator. Your Water element is healthy if you love the cold of winter and it invigorates you. However, many people find that when they get cold, they get sick, especially during winter. Eating or drinking cold foods can bring too much cold inside the body and make a person susceptible to cold.

If you get chilled to the bone or traumatized with such fear that makes you so cold that your teeth chatter, you can damage your Water element.

As a Water type, you may have experienced paralyzing fears that hold you back from reaching your full potential. Acupressure can support you emotionally and physically by working with points that balance and strengthen your Kidney and Bladder meridians.

By nurturing your Water element, you can find the courage to face your fears, find support, and move forward with confidence.

When your body’s sensitivity makes you feel fragile and vulnerable at times, honor your emotional well-being and nurture your Water element. Acupressure techniques can assist you in grounding and strengthening your energy, providing your body with stability and resilience.

Cultivating your Water element heightens your endurance & inner strength.

If your body often feels tired and fatigued or you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, Acupressure can balance these conditions by opening the Bladder and Kidney meridians. You can improve the flow of energy within your body, restore vitality, and promote a restful sleep by releasing the B & K points.

If your lower back is the weak link within your body, it indicates a need to give your Water element attention and support. Acupressure can offer relief by focusing on specific points that alleviate tension and promote healing in the lower back. By addressing this area, you can strengthen your foundation and foster your overall well-being.

Embrace the fluidity and adaptability of Water using Acupressure as your healing guide to self-discovery.

By working with the Kidney, Bladder, and lower back points, you can open blockages, tap your potential, and realize your deepest dreams.