5 Element Visualizations – mp3

Use this to better understand advanced healing relationships within the body. The 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program includes guided imagery of colors, tastes, seasons, body parts, behaviors, and emotions.

Content of the two audio programs within this package:

Part 1: Five Element Visualizations - Guided Imagery of Colors, Tastes, Seasons, Body Parts, Behaviors & Emotions

  • Introduction: The Essence of the 5 Elements
  • Wood Element Visualization & Associations
  • Fire Element Visualization & Associations 
  • Earth Element Visualization & Associations 
  • Metal Element Visualization & Associations 
  • Water Element Visualization & Associations

Part 2: Acu-Yoga Guided Healing - Combining Yoga Exercises with Acupressure Point Self-Help Techniques

  • Introduction to Acu-Yoga & 5 Elements
  • Wood Element
  • Fire Element 
  • Earth Element
  • Metal Element
  • Water Element

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