Self-Acupressure for Chronic Fatigue,
Grief, Depression & Anxiety

Do you know anyone who’s stuck, especially due to a loss, exhaustion, sluggishness, depression, anxiety, or overwhelm — or someone who is just plain despondent? These are signs of an energy imbalance that needs attention. How can your body open up if it’s holding pain, or if your mind is full of expectations? How can you help yourself if you lack the motivation, support, or know-how to uplift yourself?

Acupressure points combined with breathing deeply can help. They change your body energy and body chemistry for the better. Deep breathing increases the body’s ability to assimilate the vital energy you get from oxygen. This helps clear repressed or painful emotions that are difficult to deal with.

Watch my short, two-minute video and learn how to find the points and how to combine them with a breathing exercise.

Holding Lu 1

Lu 1, is called the Letting Go point. Pressing the Letting Go Acupressure points helps release any kind of emotional holding, such as grief, emotional pain, numbness, heartache, sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, frustration, or anger. Holding these Acupressure points while you breathe deeply can sometimes result in tears as your feelings move through you. This can thus further free your spirit. You can also try crossing your arms to hold these points for Letting Go of expectations and emotional holding.

Emotional Balance

The Letting Go Point

When your energy system is blocked, you can become fatigued, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or despondent because your supply of energy is impaired. Holding the Letting Go points can help your energy to flow again, which promotes emotional balance.
Easing Grief
In particular, these Lu 1 Acupressure points can facilitate letting go of grief, which is a natural response to loss. Since loss is an inevitable aspect of life that we all experience, these Acupressure points give you a valuable healing resource.

When you lose someone or something you love, these Acupressure points support the grieving process to help you feel your sadness and to let go and move on in a good way. Grieving is an emotional purification. Crying opens the breath, allows you to let go, and renews your spirit.

St 36 is a wellness point; it relieves anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, abandonment issues, depression, self abuse and self esteem issues, as well as worry and codependency.

If you have lost a loved one, or are dealing with a loved one’s terminal illness, I have more for you. Death & Dying: Acupressure for Family & Hospice Caregivers will show you another potent Acupressure point for relieving grief. It also provides two important resources that offer help to both the person who is dying and their family.


St 36 for Chronic Fatigue

St 36 fortifies the body with greater energy, awakens the immune system and enable the internal organs to function at optimal levels. This chronic fatigue syndrome relief point is important to include in your overall treatment program for health maintenance and wellness.

St 36, the Three Mile Point, strengthens the stomach, spleen, kidneys, and lungs. This point also balances digestion and appetite, increases endurance, benefits the knees and tones the muscles. It relieves fatigue, dizziness, vertigo and general weakness.

Self-Acupressure Point Locations

Lu 1 is located on the upper, outer portion of the chest, three finger-widths below the collarbone. Rub the area and feel for a tension or soreness. These Acupressure points are found on both sides of your chest. The more you hold them, the better they will work for releasing painful emotions.

St 36 is located four finger-widths below the knee cap, one finger-width on the outside of the shin bone. If you are on the correct spot a muscle should flex as you move your foot up and down. Stimulate the point by placing your knuckles with a loose fist onto the point, outside of your shin point. Breathe deeply as you briskly rubbing up and down to create friction.

Use steady, firm pressure to hold this point for two minutes. Whenever your energy is low, try briskly rubbing St 36. This is excellent to do at work, while riding the bus or sitting anywhere for a long period of time.

Acupressure & Breathing Exercises

Cross your arms and use your fingertips to press the Lu 1, Letting Go, Acupressure points. Inhale slowly and deeply as you release your finger pressure, bring your arms all the way out to the side, lift your chest, and tilt your head back. Hold your breath for a few second to assimilate the oxygen. Exhale as your head comes back up and your fingertips return to the Lu 1 Acupressure points. Repeat this exercise four or five more times. End by staying on the points and holding them for a minute or two, while you still breathe deeply.

A variation of this exercise is to stretch your arms up over your head, instead of out to the side, as you inhale and tilt your head back. Then exhale as your arms come down, your head comes up, and your hands return to holding the Letting Go points.

Use this quick and easy “Acupressure & Breathing Exercise” as often as you like throughout the day, to counteract being depressed or stuck. Think of it as a great tool you can use to shift your energy and emotions into a more balanced place.

Rocking on your spine is an easy technique for relieving fatigue by stimulating the points on your back and shoulders. During the spinal rocking place your hands on St 36. Cross your wrists inside of your knees, placing your fingertips over the shin bone, with your fingers curved, as you rock on your back.

These points strengthen all of your muscles and are the most widely used points for revitalizing the entire body. It’s muscle strengthening qualities work for greater endurance and physical rejuvenation.


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