Acupressure Points for Thyroid
Spirituality and Long Life

When chronic tension settles into the neck, it can literally strangle your aliveness or spirit, and block Acupressure points in the neck region. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these spiritual points are called the Windows of the Sky.

In my video, I’m going to show you three powerful techniques for opening these Acupressure points. I believe these techniques are essential to practice daily for balancing chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and the thyroid gland, and for promoting spirituality and long life.

Neck Tension & Thyroid Problems
The Windows of the Sky Acupressure points are located in your neck, which holds the weight of your head and is where many Meridian pathways cross. The neck also houses the thyroid gland, which balances your metabolism.

When you are under stress, your neck muscles constrict, affecting your ability to be creative and express yourself. When tension accumulates over time and becomes chronic, these points block your healing energy, which can cause chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and thyroid problems.

 Spiritual Acupressure Points on a headWhat are Spiritual Acupressure Points?
I want you to understand the meaning and purpose of Spiritual Acupressure Points. Let’s start with what a point is — it’s a specific spot or gateway where the healing energy of your body can either flow or get blocked. These points are also where you can most effectively channel energy to heal yourself and others.

 Spiritual Acupressure Points on a head image 2The spiritual significance of the Windows of the Sky points is that they govern harmony between your mind and body. When healing energy flows through these points, your spirit and aliveness makes you happy, inspired, satisfied, and fulfilled.

Spiritual Interconnectedness
A reason so many people do not relate spiritually is simple, and it makes sense. If a person’s neck is chronically tight, constricting the energy flow between the mind and body, then this person may not be in touch with how interconnected and miraculous life is. If the energy cannot get through the neck into the higher centers of the brain, a person cannot fully experience spirituality, aliveness, and the wonders of life.

Heightening your Spirituality
Chronic neck tension can be gradually released by using these Acupressure techniques daily while breathing deeply, and relaxing afterwards. Releasing the Windows of the Sky points and thus the flow of energy will increase mind and body awareness. After a while, this same previously blocked person will begin to have some pretty amazing, wonderful experiences.

I hope and pray with all my heart and soul that this explanation inspires you and motivates you to practice this Acupressure routine daily for keeping your Windows of the Sky points open. It will expand your aliveness, promote long life, and will also help in preventing many common ailments.



The Mental & Spiritual Awareness and Optimal Health & Longevity
that you will gain from these techniques are just two
of the many
Benefits of Acupressure.






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