Reiki on Acupressure Points

Woman practicing self reiki treatment.Reiki uses the palms of the hands to channel universal life energy, the Chi or Ki. A Reiki practitioner balances the energy either by placing their palms just above the body or by using gentle touch.

This reduces stress and creates a calm, remarkably peaceful feeling. Everyone who has received Reiki knows how powerfully relaxing it is, creating a deeply healing state. Reiki is often used in hospitals and hospices as a complement to Western medicine.

Combining Acupressure with Reiki

Traditional Chinese Medicine has mapped out the human body’s energy system of specific points located along the meridians, which are lines of energy that flow throughout the body.

Channeling Reiki energy into the Acupressure points through your fingertips as well as your palms can further direct this healing energy into the meridian system. Sending Reiki into the points can enhance your healing work, as you hold the most potent Acupressure points to send Reiki through the body.

Woman receiving reiki treatment.These Acupressure points are also where the energy can get blocked. However, since all of the Acupressure points have a high electrical conductivity, Reiki energy can flow even more powerfully through them, helping to release energy that is stuck. The points are where you can most effectively release muscular tension, stress, and pain.

By learning specific points, with their locations and healing benefits, Reiki practices can become even more effective and focused. Concentrate on sending the Reiki healing energy with a laser focus into the points to channel this energy through the meridian pathways.

When you integrate Reiki practices with Acupressure point formulas, it enables you to tap into Traditional Chinese Medicine’s tremendous wealth of ancient healing knowledge about specific Acupressure points.

By holding these points for a few minutes while using Reiki practices, more healing energy can flow through these points and into the meridians. Both Acupressure and Reiki promote the natural healing ability found in every person.

Online Acupressure Training for Reiki Practitioners

I recommend that Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Masters take the online course, Acupressure Mastery Program. You will benefit from its over fifty videos, which give you hands-on Acupressure point instruction that you can easily use with Reiki.

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The 12 Organ Meridians

The meridians are pathways that circulate life energy through the points. The energy then moves into each of the internal organs and glands for healing and wellness.

The Acupressure Meridians connect the Acupressure points with all of the body’s vital systems, organs, and glands, including the senses and emotions. This nourishes all functions of the body. Sending Reiki into the Acupressure points can open the healing energy into the points and meridians.

Use of Reiki Symbols

Powerful symbols are also used by Reiki Masters and Practitioners to aid in healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. These symbols can heighten healing energy.

Woman practicing self reiki treatment.Hands-on healing practitioners can also use conscious deep breathing in their work. This channels the life force through the body even more.

Integrating the use of symbols and breathing into your healing work further increases the effectiveness of your techniques. This applies whether you are working on yourself or on others.

To learn how to practice deep breathing and what its many benefits are, read about the “Deep Breathing Acupressure Method” on the Acupressure Styles, Methods & Techniques page. It’s one of the three Acupressure Basics articles. These articles give you a good overview and an enormous amount of instruction about the principles and practice of Acupressure.

Wellness & Common Ailments

Reiki Practices gather the infinite life force and send it into the human body for balancing health and promoting wellness. Reiki has a spiritual aspect, though it is not associated with any religion.

A Reiki Master or Practitioner can apply their skills for sending healing energy to specific Acupressure points and the meridians. You can learn how to use potent Acupressure points to channel Reiki internally into various systems of the body.

For further healing, a Reiki practitioner can use Acupressure point formulas. These relieve common ailments and boost the immune system for greater health and wellness. Combining the Acupressure healing point formulas with your Reiki practices can enhance your healing work. Learn how to use Acupressure formulas by taking the online Acupressure Mastery Program.