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Acupressure Home Study
     The Acupressure Institute’s Home Study Materials can be ordered and sent directly to you. Studying at home can be an ideal way to learn. No need to rearrange your schedule; simply set aside time that is convenient for you. The following products present the basics of acupressure. There is no testing and it is not considered a course. Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., internationally renowned writer makes learning acupressure easy.

Home Study Pack      Learn Trigger & Pressure Points
Includes four Booklets, an Acupressure best-selling book, and two Flash Card Sets
  • Intro to Acupressure Booklet
    Learn Self-healing techniques
    Learn 12 important acupressure points

  • Acupressure's Potent Points Book
    Self-Care for Common Ailments

  • Basic Acupressure Booklet
    Learn more extensive point formulas Extraordinary Vessels & Master Points

  • Acupressure Workbook
    Learn by coloring the points and
    the 12 meridians

  • Intermediate & Advanced
    Acupressure Booklet

    Learn about the 12 Organ Meridians
    Plus Five Elements Theory

  • Acupressure Meridian Flash Cards
    Illustrates important points on meridians

  • Acupressure Point Flash Cards
    Illustrates 30 major points & benefits

Learn over 50 acupressure points and the 12 organ meridians through fully illustrated booklets and flash cards. An Acupressure Training Workbook is also included to enable you to learn the points and meridians by drawing them into the workbook. All these materials are written by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D., the founder of the Acupressure Institute and author of seven self-healing books.

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All Homestudy Materials
Displayed below can also be ordered separately
to further study acupressure at home.

    Acupressure's Potent Points     Acupressure Point Reference Chart

Detail view
Table of Contents


The Definitive Point Reference Book

Hands-on Self-Help Techniques
For Relieving Common Ailments

Over 500 illustrations & photos showing how to find potent points for relieving hundreds of ailments, including:

Colds & Flu, Backache & Sciatica, Stomachache Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Shoulder & Neck Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Morning Sickness and More!

By Michael Reed Gach, Ph. D.
7.25" x 9.25"    251 pages

Detail view

23" x 34" Laminated chart

Illustrates source points, alarm points, and chi control points with color coding.

Front, back and side views—all in one chart. Includes five elements.

Comes with 16-page point reference booklet.

$22.00   Item # B100
$29.95   Item # C104
  Included in each CD are mini charts that follow the guided routines.
    Sleep Better     Stress Relief

Over 60 million Americans each year suffer from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems. This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumualates in the upper back, shoulders, and neck area. Michael Reed Gach's soothing voice guildes listeners into a good night's sleep by using simple stetching, self-acupressure, eye movements, and deep breathing exercises.

60 minutes
    Stress, according to traditonal Chinese medicine, depletes the vital energy stored in the kidneys and weakens the immune system. Stress Relief provides techniques to nournish the kidneys and counteract stress.

Learn self-acupressure, deep breathing, and gentle stretches to feel more relaxed and enhance the quality of your life in as little as five minutes a day.

60 minutes
$15.95   Item # A202
$15.95   Item # A203
    Increase Vitality     Release Back Pain

For Chronic Fatigue, learn immune boosting points and easy exercise rountines of deep breathing, self-acupressure, and gentle stretching. Michael Reed Gach will guide you in how to boost your energy system in just ten minutes. Over time build resistance to overwhelming emotional and environmental stresses.

60 minutes
    These simple back care exercises can strengthen the abdomen, gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone, and lessen susceptibilty to pain.

With Release Back Pain, listeners discover practical flexibility techniques for for self-care that can be practiced nearly anywhere and at any time.

60 minutes
$15.95   Item # A200
$15.95   Item # A201
    Basic Acupressure     Intermediate/Advanced Acupressure
Basic Acupressure Booklet
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  Intermediate & Advanced Acupressure Booklet
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An Acupressure Point
Treatment Guide
  • Introducing Acupressure Energy Balancing
  • Acupressure Point Location for 30 points
  • Extraordinary Channels & Points
  • Master Points & Anchor Point
  • Quick Acupressure Formulas & Uses
  • Face Reading & Basic Pulse Reading
  • Acupressure Treatment Preparation
  • Special Acupressure Recipes
Contains 45 points in 36 drawings; a 72-page booklet
30-page booklet presenting:
  • 12 Meridian illustrations with its major points
    • Traditional meridian uses and functions
  • Meridian Body clock 24-hour energy cycle
    • Seasons, emotions, body fluids, smells, tastes
  • Special Points illustrated:
    • Yu Points, Alarm Points & Source Points
    • Presents the Entry & Exit Points
  • Five Element cycles & pulse reading
20 charts with 38 line drawings; a 56-page booklet
$12.95   Item # B108
$9.95   Item # B110
    Acupressure Points     Organ Meridians
Acupressure Point Flashcards
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  Acupressure Meridian Flashcards
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This Acupressure Point Learning Aid provides an easy way to learn 30 of the most important, potent acupressure points for treatment and general wellness. One side of the card (5 ½" x 4 ¼”) has an anatomical drawing of the points. The opposing side contains the points: location, name, point reference number, finger pressure point applications, how to find the point, what it feels like, traditional association and usages, anatomical pressure point location terminology, and a list of the best pressure points to use with it to release tension and the healing life force.

30 Acupressure Point Cards
Acupuncture Meridian Flashcards

A great instructional tool; learn each of the meridian routes, and the major acupressure points on each of these healing channels.

Over 20 line drawings illustrate the 12 meridian pathways. Study each meridian’s traditional indication for use.

The over 30 flashcards (5 ½" x 4 ¼”) are printed on both sides of card stock. Learn the source points to balance energy within each meridian and base points to release each of the 12 organ meridians.

35 Acupressure Meridian Cards
$9.95   Item # F101
$9.95   Item # F102

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