Reducing a High Fever with Acupressure Points

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TW 15 for balancing body temperature

A high fever can become dangerous and must be brought down. Fortunately, there are Acupressure points and other natural methods that can reduce a fever. This video clip will show you how to reduce a high fever using Acupressure points.


Acupressure to reduce a high fever. When you are helping someone else, use one hand above the tip of the shoulder blade (TW 15), while your other hand holds each finger at the base of the nail for a minute each.

To use Self-Acupressure, curve your fingers like the rounded shape of the top of a coat hanger. Place them on the back of your opposite shoulder. Rub the area until you feel the top tip of your shoulder blade. Apply firm pressure just above that, where it feels knotted or tight. This Triple Warmer point (TW 15) balances temperature in the body, so it’s good for fever as well as chills. Hold this point for about three minutes on both sides.

Another technique for reducing a high fever involves pressing the Acupressure points at the base of your fingernails. Use your index fingertip and thumb to squeeze both sides of the base of each nail on the other hand. You can start or end with your thumb, since the order of holding each fingertip does not matter. Pressing these points at the base of the nail stimulates the digital nerves and takes down pain as well as fever.

Using tennis balls on TW 15 to balance body temperature.

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