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Acupressure For Lovers
Based on the art of healing touch, this book instructs couples in techniques to cultivate sacred sexuality, open powerful life-enhancing energies, improve the chemistry of relationships, and intensify sexual pleasure.

Clear, accessible, and easy to practice
to enhance the connection of your love relationship on many levels.

By Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
7.25" x 9.25"    295 pages
365 photographs and 320 illustrations

Lover's Package      
  $21.00   Item # B009 
E-Books & Booklets
Acupressure Pain Relief
This book provides safe, natural, self-care methods with over 400 photographs and illustrations showing practical suggestions for relieving headaches, migraines, backaches, and many other types of pain, including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Acupressure offers relief with no risk and at the same time is inexpensive. Gach's self-care exercises are a drug-free alternative, which are easy to learn and do at home.

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 Acupressure Pain Relief E-Book $22.50  Item # EB-116 
Wellness & Immune Boosting Points Booklet
Discover how to find and use eight immune boosting acupressure points. Contains illustrations showing how to use these points for yourself and others.

Each wellness acupressure point fortifies your body's vital systems: the lymph, digestive, eliminatory, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, and endocrine systems.

For each point, you'll obtain a list of extraordinary benefits for enhancing your wellness.

Note: This material was previously in the
Greater Energy Chart and the Chart Pack.
Item EB-121 $9.95    

The Bum Back Book
The Bum Back Book presents many alternative methods such as breathing techniques, visualizations, meditations, acupressure, yoga postures, and back reflexology.

This back care book covers:
If you have back pain you may also be interested in the Release Back Pain audio.

This book and the Release Back Pain audio are discounted in the Back Pain E-Pack.
 Bum Back Book E-Book $12.95  Item # EB-011 
Acu-Face Lift
This 32-page Instructional Booklet includes:
  • How Acupressure works to lift the facial wrinkles
  • 40 Acupressure points to increase beauty and create better health
  • 10 Facial Exercises and self-acupressure to restore facial vibrancy
  • Techniques for preventing a double chin, jaw problems, sinus relief, acne relief, and TMJ
  • 20 photos plus 5 line drawings of acupressure beauty points
$11.95 Item EB-104 
Basic Acupressure Booklet
An Acupressure Point Treatment Guide
  • Introducing Acupressure Energy Balancing
  • Acupressure Point Location for 30 points
  • Extraordinary Channels & Points
  • Master Points & Anchor Point
  • Quick Acupressure Formulas & Uses
  • Face Reading & Basic Pulse Reading
  • Acupressure Treatment Preparation
  • Special Acupressure Recipes
Contains 45 points in 36 drawings; 72-page booklet
$9.95 Item EB-108 
Intermediate / Advanced Acupressure
30-page booklet presenting:
  • 12 Meridian illustrations with its major points
    • Traditional meridian uses and functions
  • Meridian Body clock 24-hour energy cycle
    • Seasons, emotions, body fluids, smells, tastes
  • Special Points illustrated:
    • Yu Points, Alarm Points & Source Points
    • Presents the Entry & Exit Points
  • Five Element cycles & pulse reading
20 charts with 38 line drawings; 56-page booklet
$9.95 Item EB-110 
Introduction to Acupressure
This 24-page Instructional Booklet presents:
  • How to practice Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Qi Gong.
  • 12 important acupressure points, their location and benefits
  • 70 line drawings of Asian Bodywork Techniques (ABT)
  • Self-healing techniques: Qi Gong Breathing Exercises and Do-In.
  • Jin Shin Acupressure points, formulas for balancing healing energy.
$5.95 Item EB-111 
Meridians, Five Elements & Assessment Forms
A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Workbook containing:
  • 50 large anatomical line drawings of 12 meridians;
  • 5 Elements for making a TCM body assessment
  • Large, clear illustrations of the 12 meridians
  • Meridian 24-hour cycle; List of Meridian Officials
  • Bladder Meridian Associated Points
  • Meridian Pulse Positions; Reading Pulse Qualities
  • TCM Assessment Questions; Face Reading
  • Acupressure Treatment Forms & Procedures
  • Alarm Points; List of Counter Indications
  • 5 Element Pulse Assessment & Correspondences
$7.95 Item EB-114 
Acupressure Points E-Flash Cards
This Acupressure Point Learning Aid provides an easy way to learn 30 of the most important, potent acupressure points for treatment and general wellness.

One side of the card (5 " x 4 ") has an anatomical drawing of the points. The opposing side contains the points: location, name, point reference number, finger pressure point applications, how to find the point, what it feels like, traditional association and usages, anatomical pressure point location terminology, and a list of the best pressure points to use with it to release tension and the healing life force.

30 Acupressure Point Cards

$9.95 Item EF-101 
Discounted E-Packages
Distant Learning: Acupressure Therapy E-Materials
  Study Acupressure at Home - Learn Healing Point Formulas and the Meridians

Save 20%  Regularly: $72.60
No Shipping (Item EP822A)  $59.00

   Learn Acupressure Points, Meridians, 5 Elements and Healing Formulas with:
  • Hundreds of Acupressure Illustrations
  • 5 Instructional Acupressure Booklets
  • 30 Acupressure Point Flash Cards
  • 2 Guided Visualization CDs for learning the Meridians and 5 Elements
All materials authored and produced by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Founder of The Acupressure Institute (Berkeley, CA)
Regular Price: $72.60    Save 20%  No Shipping (Item EP822A)  $59.00  

Back Pain E-Pack

Includes the Bum Back Book and Release Back Pain audio.
Bum Back E-Book Release Back Pain
Audio (in MP3 format)
The Bum Back Book presents holistic integrative methods such as breathing techniques, visualizations, meditations, acupressure, yoga postures, and reflexology to relieve sciatica and back pain.
Release Back Pain Audio Program, narrated by Michael Reed Gach, provides back care exercises to strengthen the abdomen, gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone, and lessen susceptibility to back pain.
Save 25% + No Shipping on the Back Pain Pack (Item EP830) $18.95
E-Audio (mp3 format)
5 Elements E-Program

Five Element Visualizations.

Guided imagery of colors, tastes, seasons, body parts, behaviours & emotions.

Learn the 5 Elements: By using these CD programs over and over again, you'll learn the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine for understanding advanced healing relationships within the body.

Learn More
5 Elements CD
 5 Elements E-Program
$9.95   Item #EA204 (MP3)   

12 Meridians E-Program

Guided imagery of each meridian's route, related body parts, behaviors & emotions.

Meridian Learning Tool: By listening to these CD programs over and over again, you'll learn the 12 meridian correspondences and pathways to understand the healing energy system of Acupressure Therapy.

Learn More
12 Meridians CD
 12 Meridians E-Program
$9.95   Item #EA205 (MP3)   

Acupressure Weight Loss: an e-Audio Program
For Appetite Control
Muscle Tone & Relaxation

The Acupressure Weight Loss and body image audio program provides an easy daily routine to balance your metabolism, appetite, and body's energy system. Dieting alone is not enough. By actually working on your body - through gentle stretches, deep breathing, and self-massage on the acupressure points - you can transform your metabolism, eating imbalances, and cravings.

Contains 12 Weight Loss Techniques
Plus Weight Loss Point Illustrations
Running Time: 33:51 minutes

5 Elements CD
More Program Info

  Acu-Weight Loss
$18.95   Item #EA206 (MP3)   
Release Back Pain
A Guided Self-Healing Program Integrating Acupressure & Gentle Yoga
Narrated by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure. Release Back Pain CD
Routines for Counteracting Back Pain

  1. Chair Routine for Back Relief
    15 minutes
  2. Floor Back Care Routine
    15 minutes
  3. Acupressure Back Relief Points
    15 minutes
  4. Gentle Routine for Severe Back Pain
    15 minutes
Release Back Pain contains easy stretching, acupressure points, and spinal exercises to strengthen the abdomen and gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone and lessen susceptibilty to pain.
Release Back Pain provides self-care techniques to prevent back pain, obtain spinal flexibility, and the overall health of your back that can be practiced at home and at any time.
 $14.95 Item EA201 (MP3) 
Sleep Better
A Guided Self-Healing Program Integrating Acupressure & Deep Relaxation
Narrated by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure. Sleep Better CD
Routines for Counteracting
Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

  1. Acupressure Calming Points in a Chair
    17 minutes
  2. Acu-Yoga Sleep Better Floor Routine
    17 minutes
  3. Insomnia Exercises: Preparation for Bed
    7 minutes
  4. Bed Guided Relation & Visualizations
    15 minutes
Over 60 million Americans each year suffer from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems. This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumualates in the upper back, shoulders, and neck area.
Michael Reed Gach's soothing voice guides listeners into a good night's sleep by using simple stetching, self-acupressure, eye movements, and deep breathing exercises.
 $14.95 Item EA202 (MP3) 
Stress Relief
A Guided Self-Healing Program Integrating Acupressure & Gentle Yoga
Narrated by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure. Stress Relief CD
Routines for counteracting Stress & Cultivating Deep Relaxation

  1. An Easy Stress Relief Break (sitting)
    10 minutes
  2. Shoulder & Neck Tension Relief (sitting)
    21 minutes
  3. Tranquility Point Meditation (sitting)
    10 minutes
  4. Acu-Yoga Stress Relief (lying down)
    12 minutes
  5. Guided Deep Relaxation (lying down)
    7 minutes
Stress, according to traditonal Chinese medicine, depletes the vital energy stored in the kidneys and weakens the immune system. Stress Relief provides techniques to nournish the kidneys and counteract stress.
Learn self-acupressure, deep breathing, and gentle stretches to feel more relaxed and enhance the quality of your life in as little as five minutes a day.
 $14.95 Item # EA203 (mp3) 
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