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Acu-Yoga DVD
AcuYoga postures press Acupressure points while stretching tight muscles to awaken the healing energy in the meridians. These self-healing video programs enable you to practice AcuYoga, which balances this powerful healing energy to improve your health condition.
This Acu-Yoga DVD contains three titles Written & narrated by Michael Reed Gach
  • Acu-Yoga for Meridians - Demonstrates energy points and postures for each of the 12 meridians.
  • Acu-Yoga for Flexibility - Flexion exercises for your lower back, mid and upper back.
  • Acu-Yoga for Stress Relief - Presents two relaxing sets of yoga postures, plus a special healing journey to counteract stress.

    Over 2 hours of Acu-Yoga
    Therapy instruction
  DVD $29.95   Item # D108
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