Acupressure for Premature Ejaculation

Chart showing acupressure points B23 and B47.Acupressure can be helpful for both promoting healthy sexuality and for addressing a number of sexual problems. On this site, you’ll find guidance on improving your sexual experiences and cultivating a full and healthy sexuality.

This article covers the definition of premature ejaculation, a case study, causes, four aspects of erections, dietary recommendations, and helpful Acupressure resources.

Premature Ejaculation: A Common Experience

The truth is that every man ejaculates prematurely from time to time. All men at some point in their lives experience instances or periods of premature ejaculation.

To prevent premature ejaculation, stay relaxed and calm, slow down, giving everything time, slow and deepen your breathing, and let go of sexual expectations.

Sun-Nu Ching
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Defining Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is not the same as impotence, though it may lead to erective failure. With premature ejaculation, erection happens to some degree, but the man ejaculates soon after getting aroused, without having any control. In a heterosexual relationship, the ejaculation may occur outside his partner or soon after entering the vagina.

As a result, he often feels inadequate, and his partner can be left unsatisfied.

Dots indicating acupressure point location.A Premature Ejaculation Case Study

John, a salesman, came to me looking for help with a problem he had been trying to deal with for many years. When he had intercourse with his wife, he would either have difficulty getting an erection or he would ejaculate almost immediately without control.

“The thing just doesn’t work anymore. Is there anything you can do for me? Most of the time I don’t let my wife touch me – it makes my body cringe.” I showed him how to use several Acupressure points along with some therapeutic exercises.

Initial Progress Over Time
We worked together on weekly assigned exercises for five months. During the first two weeks, he seemed to have no results; his penis responded no differently to his wife.

The more he experimented with the Acupressure points, the love positions, and the exercises for intimacy, however, the more comfortable he got. (You can find these intimacy exercises in Chapter 4 of the Acupressure for Lovers book, which is listed under Acupressure Resources at the end of this article.)

He began to feel his body relax. His new way of being completely changed his outlook on his sexual relationship, and enabled him to relax and nurture himself. He also gained much more intimacy with his wife.

Unfortunately, these changes didn’t affect his actual sexual performance. He went through a lot of emotional pain and some depression about his problem.

A Successful Outcome
Finally, after practicing deep breathing exercises and spending time relaxing with his wife, John felt a shift in his sexual chemistry. He actually let his wife touch him again – and he enjoyed it.

“I thought it was my role to ‘do it’ to my wife,” he said. “The pressures created within me, especially when I couldn’t ‘get it up,’ made me so tense I couldn’t handle her light caresses.”

He told me, “It’s strange how I’m able to relax and receive her touch now. Not having to be on top of her and in control, which didn’t work to satisfy her anyway, opened up a whole new world for us.”

Causes of Premature EjaculationMan holding acupressure points.

Stress & Muscular Tension
Expectations and performance anxiety often cause physical tension. When a man’s body is exhausted or weakened by stress, he may experience premature ejaculation.

Acupressure releases this stress and tension, allowing the body’s energy to flow freely. Also, there are special points to use that are associated with restoring sexual endurance.

Cultural & Emotional Pressures
Other contributing causes of premature ejaculation and impotence include cultural pressures and the partner’s expectations. Men who ejaculate prematurely, without conscious control, may also unconsciously be gripped by worries or stress about other situations over which they have no control.

Sugar Can Weaken Sexual Functions
Sugar has an addictive quality and can weaken a person’s sexual functions. Just as stress and internal pressures can wear out the body’s vital energy, excessive sugar can also drain and weaken your body.

Sugar is a major enemy of the kidneys as well as a potential cause of impotence and premature ejaculation. Metabolizing sugar significantly strains and taxes the adrenal glands, which are located directly on top of the kidneys. Try to stay away from sweets – they weaken your reproductive system.

Sexual Expectations
Mutually gratifying sexual experiences are an important goal for most heterosexual partners and for homosexual couples as well. Unfortunately, the nature of sexual relations often creates expectations that can lead to hidden fears and anxiety.

Men in particular are taught a performance-based attitude about sex. They often measure their sex life by how often they achieve the goal of “getting it on” or simply “getting off.”

This narrow focus places men in a precarious situation. When a man discovers that he has limited control over his erection, his anxiety soars. He may begin to view his penis and sexuality as weak, malfunctioning, or uncontrollable.

Unfortunately, this lack of control and performance anxiety can escalate fears about intimacy and openness with his partner.

A Mistaken Strategy
To deal with uncontrolled ejaculation, a man usually becomes fixated on “holding back” the ejaculation, to slow it down. This deliberate blocking of sexual stimuli can itself lead to erective failure, creating a vicious cycle.

Sexual HealingMan holding acupressure points.

Premature ejaculation is a common psychosexual problem and responds well to Acupressure healing when sugar is eaten in moderation. To guide you in renewing sexual responsiveness and intimacy, I offer an Acupressure Healing Program in Chapters 13 and 14 of my book, Acupressure for Lovers.

Four Erection Conditions for Sexual Vitality

In traditional Chinese eroticism, love play (what Westerners term foreplay) is not finished until a man has consciously touched his partner thoroughly all over and obtains four erection conditions: enlargement, engorgement, warmth, and hardness.

Massaging a man’s feet and toes can help him to obtain these four conditions of erection. The Liver Meridian originates in the large toe and governs the circulation of blood into the penis. Thus, stimulating the Liver Meridian points on the thighs, feet, and toes can increase a man’s sexual vitality.

Essential Dietary Considerations

For Acupressure techniques to be effective in alleviating premature ejaculation, you must follow these dietary guidelines.

  • Avoid foods containing large amounts of sugar.
  • Eliminate alcohol, drugs, and preservatives from your diet.
  • Give up coffee and all caffeinated drinks.
  • Eat plenty of green vegetables, both raw and lightly cooked.
  • Eat more fish, which contains essential minerals.

Beans are a common Oriental folk remedy to benefit the reproductive organs. Aduki beans are excellent for kidney disorders, while black beans are good for the sexual organs and a lack of sexual appetite.

Eating a mixture of three parts grain to one part beans not only combines all the essential amino acids to make a complete protein, but also strengthens the reproductive system in both men and women.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, an excess of sugar can imbalance the spleen, pancreas, and liver, which also taxes the kidneys. Avoid sugar, and eat a balanced diet of whole fresh foods.

A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly, or 24 times in a year. If at the same time he pays careful attention to proper diet and exercise, he will live a long and healthy life.

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