Acu-Yoga: Acupressure & Yoga Therapy

Acupressure Integrated with Yoga

Ancient Healing Practices
Acu-Yoga is based upon centuries of practice and research in Asia. It’s a system of exercises that integrates the knowledge of two ancient holistic self-healing practices — Acupressure and Yoga.

When you combine these two complementary methods of health maintenance, the result is increased effectiveness. It makes sense to connect these two, because when you do the postures of Yoga, you are naturally holding the Acupressure points.

“Yoga Postures Stimulate
Acupressure Points
For Self-Healing”

Both systems relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body. Yoga does this through controlling the breath while holding the body in certain postures. Acupressure does this by directly manipulating body energy through a system of points and meridians.

Points & Meridians
The pathways that the vital energy flows through are the meridians, and the points are places where you can tap into that energy. In Yogic terms, this vital life force is called prana. Acupressure uses the Chinese name Chi or the Japanese term Ki.

When tension accumulates around the points, it blocks the energy from flowing properly. This creates an excess of energy in one area of the body and a deficiency in another.

Balancing the Energy
Each Acu-Yoga exercise naturally presses and stretches certain nerves, muscles, and Acupressure points. This releases tension in the points and awakens the meridians, so that the energy can flow freely. This process balances the body as a whole and also stimulates it to heal itself.

Acu-Yoga Video Series

The Acu-Yoga Video Series covers Stress Relief, Flexibility, Shoulder & Neck Relief, and the Meridians.

Acu-Yoga Book

This book guides you with hundreds of illustrations how yoga postures stimulate points for self-healing.