Sleep Better CD

Over 60 million Americans each year suffer from insomnia, which can lead to serious sleep deficits and health problems.

Listen to Michael Reed Gach’s soothing voice guide you into a good night’s sleep by using simple stretches, self-acupressure, eye movements and deep breathing exercises. This self-healing program relieves insomnia by counteracting the stress that accumulates in the upper back, shoulders, and neck area. (60 minutes)

Routines for Counteracting Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

  • Acupressure Calming Points in a Chair
  • (17 minutes)
  • Acu-Yoga Sleep Better Floor Routine
  • (17 minutes)
  • Insomnia Exercises: Preparation for Bed
  • (7 minutes)
  • Bed Guided Relation & Visualizations
  • (15 minutes)

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