Release Back Pain – CD

Discover Self-Care Techniques for spinal flexibility & back pain relief that can be practiced easily at home, any time.

Illustrations showing all of the back pain relief techniques in this healing program is provided.

Release Back Pain contains easy stretching, acupressure points and spinal exercises to strengthen the abdomen and gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone and lessen pain.

Release Back Pain provides self-care techniques to prevent back pain, obtain spinal flexibility and the overall health of your back that can be practiced at home and at any time.

Back Pain Relief Routines:

  • Chair Routine for Back Relief
  • (15 minutes)
  • Floor Back Care Routine
  • (15 minutes)
  • Acupressure Back Relief Points
  • (15 minutes)
  • Gentle Routine for Severe Back Pain
  • (15 minutes)