Acupressure Points for
Stiffness & Knee Pain

Having stiff muscles is not enjoyable. Counteracting stiffness was a major challenge for me, so I know what it’s like. I’m here to give you easy tips, including Acupressure points and dietary guidance, to both relieve stiffness and prevent muscular problems and knee pain.

The Acupressure points for counteracting stiffness are one of the many techniques I use daily. I suggest that you try them too, to enhance your own wellness.

Many of you ask me how to cure medical problems, but I am not a medical doctor. I only teach what I know — that Acupressure works so well for many common complaints. This comes from my experience using Acupressure points for over 40 years. Here, I’ll tell you why stiffness occurs and what to do about it.

My video clip demonstrates two important Acupressure points (GB 34 and St 36) in depth. These points can relieve muscle stiffness and knee pain, and also promote overall vitality.

Four Holistic Approaches for Relieving Stiffness

1. Stretch regularly, throughout the day, whenever you get the chance.

2. Stimulate these Acupressure Points.
The Acupressure points GB 34, a muscle relaxant point, with St 36, a muscle toning and strengthening point. Rub briskly with your fists on both legs, below the outer part of your knees, for one or two minutes.

These points are remarkable for obtaining greater energy, endurance, and long life. They open the healing energy flow, which tones the muscles and makes stretching more effective and therapeutic.

3. Choose to think positively about issues in your life, do your best to make wise choices, and appreciate what you have.

4. Eat more greens and fewer fried, rich foods.


Stiffness is a sign your body is out of balance. In the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, being “stiff as a board” is an imbalance of the Wood Element within your body. When your Wood Element is healthy and growing, your energy will be flowing, and your body will be naturally flexible.

The Wood Element includes your Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians, governing your tendons and ligaments, which become flexible and healthy by eating lots of greens and through more daily stretching.

This holistic approach works for becoming more limber,
and for having greater aliveness.