A Mental Clearing Point

Would you like to know a simple way to
transform negative thoughts and emotions?

Woman Touching GB 14 to Clear the Mind

Touching GB 14 to Clear the Mind

By using a special mental healing point, GB 14, you can reprogram your mind towards a more open, positive attitude. Holding this point lightly while breathing deeply, several times a day, can release mental stress and cultivate mental health.

People of all ages can benefit. Children and teens can use this point to clear their mind when taking a test. Elderly folks find it useful for memory, especially when having a “senior moment” of forgetfulness. And everyone can use it to deal with the stresses and pressures of daily life. All ages can use this point to counteract negative attitudes, since it calms and balances your emotions.

Man Touching GB 14 to Clear the MindGB 14 is located above the center of your eye, one finger-width above your eyebrows. Use only very light touch on these points. You can use one hand to hold them by placing your thumb on one side and your index fingertip on the other side of your forehead. Apply a very gentle touch, as you breathe slowly and deeply for a couple of minutes.

You can also use both hands to hold GB 14 very gently with your middle fingertips, as illustrated. Be sure to breathe slowly and deeply, while holding these points lightly for a couple of minutes. After getting familiar with holding this point, increase the length of time up to five minutes.

Using this special clearing point, with deep breathing, can melt negative thought patterns and soothe difficult emotions. This works almost immediately, but doesn’t tend to last unless you apply this easy, gentle, cost-free technique regularly in your life.

Mental Self-Healing
At Your Fingertips

Mental Self-Healing
At Your Fingertips

Enjoy the experience of clearing your mind.
Clear negative patterns to release stress
and increase your overall happiness!
— Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.