To My Past Students –

I send blessings to all of the thousands of people I’ve taught over the past 40+ years. Whether you’re a student or graduate of the Acupressure Institute, or were a participant in another Acupressure program of mine – welcome to this website! Since so much of this time I taught at the Acupressure Institute was before email, and people relocate so often, it’s been difficult to stay in touch with you – until now. I hope my Facebook page and the Acupressure Resources on this site will be a way to stay connected.


We’ve had precious

healing times together


My invitation to you. If you’re a past student and would like to share a story related to our time together, or a story about your healing work, I’d love you to share it by posting it on Facebook. Even if I was not your main teacher, but rather a starting point or a stop along the way of your healing journey, I’d still like to hear your questions, concerns, experiences, and discoveries about Acupressure.

I encourage you to sign up to receive free illustrated Acupressure articles. Just go to the home page and enter your name and email in the “3 Free Illustrated Articles” box at the top.

I truly hope this enables us to stay in touch.

Blessings and healing wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure Author & Teacher

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