Acupressure Products

By Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

Acupressure Audio

Listen to self-healing audio
Acupressure programs that you can use anytime, anywhere. Learn how to boost your energy system in just minutes. Discover Self-Care Techniques for flexibility & pain relief. Discover how to free your mind and body opening your life energy and expanding your mind’s potential. Listen to Michael Reed Gach’s soothing voice guide you by using simple stretches, self-acupressure, and deep breathing exercises.

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Acupressure Books

Fully illustrated Acupressure books that offer a wealth of healing info. Learn how to therapeutically apply Acupressure points as self-treatment for common complaints from A to Z. These books provide safe, natural, self-care methods showing practical suggestions. Locate vital points, learn healing affirmations and self-acupressure for counteracting emotional issues and problems. These books offer clear, accessible, specific relief methods and guidance for all major areas of the body.

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Acupressure Booklets

Shorter, handy Acupressure booklets with an abundance of illustrations. Learn how to create a relaxing environment for practicing Acupressure for both personal and professional use. These workbooks are practical learning tools for students to learn the acupressure points and meridians. They’re great home study tools for those interested in healing including Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, Shiatsu practitioners, bodyworkers, somatic therapists and educators.
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Acupressure Videos

Videos for rent, download, or DVD with demonstrations to empower your healing. These instructional videos demonstrate the points and postures. Learn easy deep breathing routines that can make you feel so much better. Discover acupressure points that you can use anytime and anywhere. Learn therapies from Michael Reed Gach, as he demonstrates and explains how to give complete treatments. Learn how to use Acupressure Therapy for others and how to deal with highly charged emotional releases using Acupressure.

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Acupressure eBooks & eBooklets

Downloadable products in digital form to have in your computer forever

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Acupressure Charts & Flashcards

Full color Meridian Point Charts
These useful Acupressure charts illustrate point functions, locations and relationships.


Home study Point & Meridian Flashcards
Acupressure Flashcards are great instructional tools; learn major acupressure points on each healing channel.

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Acupressure Tools

Equipment to help support you locating the points. Locate and stimulate acupressure points the easy way.

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Acupressure Discount Packs

Extensive home study materials to download to your computer, and high-quality prints.

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