Our Acupressure Healing Community

Welcome to everyone interested in using the ancient art of Acupressure for healing yourself and others. You are part of an amazing group of people who want to learn about acupressure and healing practices – as of now, over 5,000 people from 150 countries around the world!

If you haven’t signed up yet for free monthly acupressure articles, just enter your name and email in the “Free Acupressure Subscription” box above. You can also keep in touch with our Acupressure Healing Community through FaceBook.

What’s Next: I want to tell you about the ways we can continue to learn and grow. To start, I am committed to working on new acupressure books and guided self-healing programs, which I will be sharing with you in the near future.

Study with Me: Several hundred of you are students or graduates of the Acupressure Institute, the school I founded in 1976 near San Francisco. I currently teach there twice a year, in May and early December. If you or your friends want the opportunity to study directly with me, plan to participate in these special programs.  The class schedules are posted three or four months ahead of time. Simply click on this link for class schedule: Acupressure Institute. My classes are usually posted about 4 months ahead of when I am scheduled to teach.

For Those Outside the US: To make Acupressure materials more accessible, I recently made a policy change on Acupressure.com which can cut your shipping costs almost in half. You now have the option of having my healing resources shipped using USPS International instead of Express. (You will have to sign a release, since it’s not traceable.)  I hope this allows you greater access to learn Acupressure in depth.

Keep learning and practicing the healing techniques to discover the benefits.
Blessings and special healing wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure Therapy Author
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