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Join Michael for a Special 3-Day LIVE Online Training

Acupressure for Overeating

How to Overcome Emotional Eating, Stress & Overwhelm

Here’s what you’ll receive:

●  Three 1-hour instructional & interactive sessions 
●  Access to the recordings & downloadable videos

Special Bonuses:

1. Less Stress: Breathing Exercises & Acupressure Video 
2. Acupressure Points for Balancing Appetite & Digestion (PDF) 
3. Wellness & Immune Boosting Points (PDFs) 

Here is What You Will Learn During This 3-Day Event:

Day 1:

Acupressure Points to
Balance your Appetite

LIVE: Dec 9 @ 1PM PST

  • Secrets to making Acupressure for Overeating effective

  • Learn how to balance food cravings & emotional eating

  • Best points to strengthen your memory & concentration

  • How to counteract your programming to overeat

Day 2:

Meridians for
Balancing your Appetite

LIVE: Dec 10 @ 1PM PST

  • How to deal with toxic negative thoughts

  • Triple Warmer, Liver & Gall Bladder Meridians

  • Mind & Body connection through stretching

  • Health of your Stomach & Spleen Meridians

Day 3:

Acupressure Routines
for Appetite Balancing

LIVE: Dec 11 @ 1PM PST

  • Qigong exercises & the key Acupressure Points

  • Facial Acupressure Points and
    Ear Massage

  • Opening the Earth Element balances your Appetite

  • Addicting & Therapeutic Foods rich in chlorophyll

All sessions will be live with Q&A sessions.

You’ll be able to download and watch the recorded versions anytime, anywhere – in case you cannot make it.

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