How to use an easy Acupressure Technique for Relieving Headaches, Racing Thoughts, Mental Stress, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia Pain

Here’s a very easy, effective Acupressure Therapy technique which can prevent and relieve multiple common ailments, balance your hormones and calm your thoughts. 

This 2-minute video clip shows you how to find and stimulate a potent point (GV24.5). Practice this easy self-healing routine 2 to 3 minutes daily in order to obtain remarkable therapeutic health benefits.

Click on the triangle below to start the video & follow along to discover the benefits.

For Best Results: Put your full attention on where you are touching between your eyebrows as you breathe slowly and deeply. Practice this easy deep breathing technique several times daily for at least 3 months to discover its full benefits without drugs or side effects.
NOTE: If you’ve had a neck injury, cervical problem, or on medication, please be sure to make your head movements smaller, slower, gently, and more carefully.


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