Heightening a Child’s Ability to Learn using Acupressure Points; Learning Disorders – ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia

I suffered from learning difficulties and dyslexia as a child. I experienced the anxieties, fears, and humiliation from not being able to read and spell like other kids. The fears I experienced, as a child were devastating.

Learning Acupressure and deep breathing enabled me to deal with my emotional trauma and gave me determination to help others. I earned my Elementary Teaching Credential while studying Acupressure. Although I had these learning difficulties, I struggled to write Acu-Yoga, my first book integrating Yoga with Acupressure. Twenty years later, it took me 7 years to write Acupressure for Emotional Healing, a book on how acupressure can heal the emotions and learning problems. In this video, I present to children how Acupressure can make you think clearer, be more creative and powerful.

For learning disorder Acupressure points and dietary considerations [see more].

Mental & Emotional Healing: If a child or adult has racing thoughts or difficulty concentrating – practice the dietary guidelines below and use this simple acupressure routine two times daily for a month to discover the full benefits. Be sure to breathe slowly and deeply while holding these points.

Acupressure for ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning Disorders

The following point formula balances the body’s energy to counteract learning disorders; it works on the Governing and Conception Vessel pathways. When a child has a learning disorder, whether it’s ADD, ADHD or dyslexia, the child’s energy system jams, making it extremely difficult for the child to think clearly. Using the following points, rebalances a child’s energy flow, and the hormones that affect the chemistry of a child’s brain.

Have the child sit comfortably in a chair for the following steps:

3rd Eye Point for Mental Clarity

1. Hold GV 20 with GV 24.5: Place the right hand on the

Top of head with 3rd eye

Hundred Meeting Point (GV 20 on the top of your head) and your left hand at the Third Eye Point (GV 24.5). Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

2. Touch GV 20 with CV 17: Move your left hand to the Sea of Tranquility (CV 17, located at the center of the breastbone). Continue to breathe deeply into your heart.

3. Breathing Deeply: Rest your hands, one over the other in your lap, with your palms facing up, allowing your eyes to be closed. Let your shoulders relax down. Relax your body, making your breath slow, even and deep for a couple minutes.

Benefits: This Acupressure Point Formula is a quick routine good for relieving headaches, racing thoughts, anxiety, depressions, stress and hormonal imbalances. This is good for mental health, and for relieving ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia at any age, to clear your mind, focus, concentrate, and meditate for peace of mind.

With ADD and ADHD you’ll see hyperactive children fidgeting and squirming around. The impulsiveness of ADD and ADHD often results in outbursts, tantrums, and a lack of self-control. The emotional pain and trauma experienced in infancy creates distrust, defense mechanisms, and eventually leads to behavioral disorders. Diet imbalances can have a major influence along with psychological aspects, which reinforce how a child reacts and develops.

Dietary Guidelines to use with Acupressure Therapy:

* Limit all sugars in foods, including breakfast cereals, snacks, sodas, candy, and even excessive intake of unsweetened fruit juices and fruit high in sugar can cause problems in sensitive children.
* Junk Foods: Avoid giving children soda pop and other ‘junk foods’. You’re not depriving a child; you’re caring for them. Explain to young children how junk foods weaken and imbalance the body. Most children understand that eating too much sugar can cause a tummy ache. They can be taught that they’d feel better without eating lots of junk food, and eventually make this connection themselves. This can lead to making wise choices in life.

Going Further: For specific point formulas, healing affirmations and 400 illustrations of Acupressure points and routines see, Acupressure for Emotional Healing, by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

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