Ear Point (Shen Men) for Wellness; Counteracts Pain & Addiction

The ancient Chinese called this point on the ear the “Heavenly Gate” because it brings heavenly energy into your body for healing. An Acupressure point with heavenly in its name, can bring spirit into your body just by stimulating it. You can actually heighten your spirituality just by taking three to five slow, deep breathes while you activate this ear point a few times a day!

Shen Men is a profound, marvelous point for heightening your body’s overall wellness.

This health boosting Acupressure ear point for wellness relieves aches & pains – anywhere.

Location & Benefits: In the center upper third portion of the ear; it also counteracts addiction & inflammation.

Point Application Suggestion: Stimulate this ear tonic point every night for a minute, before going to bed.

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