Ear Massage Reflexology Areas & Points (Part 1)

There are over 150 Acupressure points on the ear (auricular points). These points correspond to all parts of your body. All week long, I have been giving myself ear massages throughout the day, which inspired me to write about this and produce the video clip below. In just a few minutes you will learn the major ear Acupressure areas to massage.

My Traditional Chinese Medicine teacher, Dr. Frank Chung, O.M.D., is an world-renowned expert in using Ear Auricular Acupuncture. He would exclaim, in a heartfelt way:

“All of these powerful ear Acupuncture points that I use with my patients, to relieve both acute and chronic pain syndromes, can be used with simple finger pressure. It’s just as powerful, but you have to concentrate when you do ear massage.

“Also, it must be applied more often than the once-a-week Acupuncture treatments. I am telling you — you can get the same great results using your hands on these ear points. The points are powerful.

“I am saying to you frankly, most traditional Chinese Acupuncturists, especially from the older generations, will not give you this healing confirmation: that stimulating the ear points with your hands can be as effective as using the needles.

“To get the healing results, you have to focus your attention on your hands and on the way you angle the pressure into the ear points.

“I think the Qi Gong breathing exercises, which my father taught me, can bring even more healing energy through the ear points. Ear massage, in this way, can be very effective.”

For the most therapeutic results, massage your ears at least three times daily, while breathing deeply.

To learn how to practice Qi Gong, here’s the Less Stress: Acupressure and Qi Gong Breathing Exercises DVD.


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