Cold Prevention & Immune Boosting Points (TW 15, SI 14)

When a cold is about to come on, there is a slight aching feeling in your shoulders.  This is when Acupressure can come to the rescue effectively. There are points located on the shoulders, just above the tip of your shoulder blades. Firm pressure on points TW 15 and SI 14 (demonstrated in the video clip below) are great for immune boosting and preventing colds.

Using tennis balls to press the immune boosting points

Place tennis balls on these points, which are above and inside the upper tip of your shoulder blades to boost your immune system, relieve shoulder tension and uptightness.  These acupressure points (TW 15 & SI 14) that are great for preventing colds, especially as soon as you feel a cold coming on. Placing tennis balls on these points and applying pressure with the weight of your body, boosts your immune system and relieves shoulder tension.

Breathe deeply as these points are pressed for two to three minutes. Let yourself deeply relax with your eyes closes for another five minutes to gain the full benefits, and allow your body’s energy to balance.


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