Calming Anxiety & Stress Relief Acupressure Points

There’s so much anxiety and stress in the world; we all have to deal with it. The world would be better place to live if more people knew Acupressure, especially its calming points. Most people ingest their stress; their body stores it as internal pressures and muscular tension. This imbalances your body over time, resulting in hundreds of stress related disorders. You can counteract anxiety and stress by practicing the online downloadable Stress Relief Program, which contains these two calming acupressure points.


The Inner Gate Point (P 6)

P 6 called the Inner Gate is located three finger widths up from the center of your wrist crease in between your bones and tendon cords. This acupressure point balances your feelings, perceptions, and inner awareness; it also balances and calms your internal condition.

Sea of Tranquility (CV 17)

CV 17 is on the center of your breastbone, in the indentations or dips of the sternum bone. This acupressure point called the Sea of Tranquility has an immediate calming effect when you’re in anxious, nervous, in emotional distress, under pressure or some kind of stress. I suggest ending your acupressure routines with this calming point as a final balancing step and hold this point with deep breathing whenever you begin to feel anxious or nervous.

Stress Relief fully guides you how to use both of these acupressure points. You can download Stress Relief right now, without paying any shipping or handling fees. You’ll have my soothing voice guide you how to reduce your stress and deeply relax – the rest of your life, wherever you live. Check-it-out here:

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